Weird Picture of the Day (India Part two)

Hey… I am sure you are asking for more weird pictures of the day from India… so here goes!

This is a close up of the feature picture.  I found the amount of satellite dishes on these “humble” homes  surprising.  

I was going to finish this with a bunch of random pictures but I think I will theme the rest of this pictures… so from now on… this post has become…


(I think that I have the right to change my mind mid post… hope this isn’t breaking some blogging protocol…)


Here is a sign on the freeway… “OBSERVE LANE DISCIPLINE”.   I found this at first humorous… but after several days I think this is an absolute necessity and I wished more drivers would stop ignoring this advice.
This sign can be seen in the previous posted video.. but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it.  I am sorry that I have cut off a letter but it reads “ETC LANE”.   This is a toll gate and I am still puzzled about this lane…   what makes a vehicle qualified for the “ETC LANE”?



This is on the way into the grocery store next to my hotel…. I got frisked! and   I realized quickly that “Gents Frisking” meant “men frisking” not “gentle frisking.
At the same grocery store… (actually behind the store).   I saw this sign and I assume “Nothing is Sold Here” to be completely accurate.   Of course I can not be certain of this since  no one was there.  I waited around a bit to see if someone would show up so I could ask them If I could buy something… you know the saying “trust but verify”.

chilled-monkey-brainsI have always wanted to visit India especially after seeing  “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.   If you remember there is a scene where they are serving Indian delicacies like “snake surprise” and the famous dessert of “Chilled Monkey Brains”.   My Indian friends have always told me that this was all fiction (bursting my India hopes and dreams)… but I have remained hopeful thinking that they were just “covering” things up.

I think I now have proof that the Indiana Jones movie was accurate in its portrayal of Indian cuisine.  If you look closely you will see the “FROZEN MONKEY” sign… you will also note how well they guarded this place so tourist could not learn of the real truth
This sign is found in front of my current hotel.   I wished this sign was more prevalent throughout the city…  unfortunately even if I could make that so… it would most likely be ignored like the “lane discipline” sign


Last sign picture… and who doesn’t love a “FESTIVITY DESK”.   This is in my “festive” hotel lobby.


As in the first picture of India post I want to end with a picture that offers a glimpse of how I am experiencing India.


I find this scene to be incredibly fascinating… you may not…














17 thoughts on “Weird Picture of the Day (India Part two)

  1. Cairo was much the same. One feels so torn……there is such poverty, trash everywhere (do they KNOW about land fills?) then there are thousands of satellite dishes on top of hovels. I loved the festivity desk sign. We had a “happy happy” desk….lol

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  2. ETC stands for Electronic Toll Collection which is a computerised system that is integrated with electronic equipment installed in the Toll Plazas. It reads the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that is stuck on the vehicle’s windscreen and opens the barrier to let the vehicle pass when it approaches the Plaza.

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  3. Here’s why I couldn’t take time (the other morning) to comment when I first saw this wonderfully-evocative post.
    For some reason, your final photo reminds me of the 2005 animated movie, “Robots”…industrial and rusty…
    No offence intended–from what I’ve seen in photos and on TV, India is magical and has its own kind of beauty. Some, is “rustic”; and some–like the incredible architecture, and incredibly beautiful fabrics, styles, and jewellery–is incomparably stunning. Second thought, “Gent’s Frisking” seems oxymoronic, given that, by definition, one could be expected to assume that, by definition, gentlemen pose no threat–so, shouldn’t be subjected to the indignity of being frisked. Third thought, I can’t help but smile at the thought of you politely going through that hazing ritual…who would ever expect something like that? Next, chilled monkey brains would be the stuff of my nightmares 🙂 Lastly, is that an image of a bugle? I’m thinking perhaps it is a horn of another kind…but, I just had an image of the Andrew’s Sisters singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B–and, some Indian gents blowing horns in the background while executing choreographed dance moves…
    And, here ends my reverie….this is the power of your uniquely adventurous posts…they introduce me to wonders that intrigue and delight me in ways that no other can. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. I agree about the movie Robot… plus add in any post apocalypse movie… I love your comments almost as much as your blog. I am finally back… and can’t wait to get back to reading your blog and all of the other wonderful blogs I follow. Thank you for taking the time to read an to comment… you are a special person!

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      1. Your comments and thank-you’s are really appreciated…thank you! Also, I’m glad to know you are home and safe. As for my blog, I will post this weekend but, regrettably, missed last weekend because I was uber busy with other things. I am really looking forward to discovering what will come to me next, and what you will share next! By the way, thank you for posting so consistently….your commitment and discipline is admirable, and it’s great to count on a surefire helping (pun intended) of entertaining positivity. You are a blessing 🙂

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