Last weeks trip recap and start of another Trip (YUCK)

In this post I thought I would be sharing a “recap” of last week’s trip and then share something odd that I did with the kids this weekend… (my tattoo kit arrived in the mail!) unfortunately that will not be the case.   I am again sitting in an Airport heading back out.   (Happy… Continue reading Last weeks trip recap and start of another Trip (YUCK)

Weekend leaving (Hospital – Part 3)

I spent last weekend and week with my brother in the hospital.  This weekend I flew to Israel for business.   I miss my family each time I leave but I really love visiting Israel so I always travel there with a bit of excitement.   This time…  to be honest… the travel has been… Continue reading Weekend leaving (Hospital – Part 3)


This will be my last post sharing pictures from my Sunday visit to Jerusalem.   You can think of this post as a “vacation picture” buffet… lots of stuff all thrown together with the hopes that at least something will be pleasing. I will start the Western Wall.   I hope it is not disrespectful… Continue reading Jerusalem

Weekend Home – Wrap up for trip to Israel

I am finally home and enjoying time with my family… which includes boring them all to tears with my stories and pictures of Israel.   (I guess my trip story telling is not as exciting as actually being there…kids can be rough critics…)   I am going to rid myself of all of my desires… Continue reading Weekend Home – Wrap up for trip to Israel

Weekend and Work Travel (Part 4 – Caesarea)

Caesarea This is part 4 of a one day site seeing visit to northern Israel (in the case you have missed part 1 – 3 here are the other parts) Weekend and Work Travel (Part 1) Weekend and Work Travel (Part 2 – Haifa)  Weekend and Work Travel (Part 3 – Acre) After writing up all… Continue reading Weekend and Work Travel (Part 4 – Caesarea)