Visit to Monkey Mountain (Gwen and her sister)

If you have read some of my past posts you might already know this but for anyone who doesn’t know… I would like to come out of the closet and let the world know that I love monkeys!!!  This week we visited Monkey Mountain and I am going to share some monkey love with all… Continue reading Visit to Monkey Mountain (Gwen and her sister)

Up and Down in Luxembourg

I would like to share with everyone our little day excursion to Luxembourg.   This is my first time visiting this incredible “bank filled” city.  Luxembourg is only about a two hour drive from Strasbourg.  Speaking of Luxembourg… my nephew Joshua mentioned that his favorite picture of his grand parents (Isabelle’s parents) is one that… Continue reading Up and Down in Luxembourg

Rainy walks in Strasbourg

Almost 18 years ago I came for the first time to Strasbourg to meet Isabelle’s family and ask her to marry me.   Our very first walk (first day) started at this cemetery and ended up in downtown Strasbourg.   That was a magic (nervous) time for me.  I recreate the walk every year with… Continue reading Rainy walks in Strasbourg

Off to France for Family Vacation

  I have not written anything here for a couple of weeks which is weird since during the past couple of years I have written posts for this blog every week.  Writing here has become a habit… hmm… wonder how many weeks I have to skip to get out of that habit?   (I bet… Continue reading Off to France for Family Vacation

Week in Orlando and Waffles

This past week I went to my company’s user conference in Orlando Florida.  While I try not to write anything about work in this blog I want to share something we did while at the conference.  I also want to share another family favorite recipe… My Yeast Waffles. (if you are searching for a connection…… Continue reading Week in Orlando and Waffles