Naked in St. Martin

We arrived in St. Martin just at the same moment a storm was arriving.   I wondered if this would be the day that weather would not be in our favor.    The rain was beautifully annoying but it only lasted 15 minutes and the rest of the day we were roasted by the sun.  (I got … Continue reading Naked in St. Martin

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Here are some pictures of our second stop… San Juan, Puerto Rico.   We initially were suppose to visit El Yunque the only tropical rain forest found in the United States.   After waiting 2.5 hours for our tour to start… freezing near an ice skating rink…we gave up and walked into town.   I think … Continue reading San Juan, Puerto Rico

Labadee Haiti

Here I am in Labadee, Haiti. (Not to be confused with the real Haiti).   This is our first stop and it was amazing.  I am going to share some pictures of this stop but before I do I wanted to share another sunset picture.   This sunset was taken Monday night. Here is a … Continue reading Labadee Haiti