Weekend with Algae (Spirulina)

I am writing last weekends post very late… several days late in fact.  I almost decided not to write this week… but…  I have been posting on this blog weekly for almost two years and how can I break this blogging tradition?… plus this is one of my only good habits.   I do have… Continue reading Weekend with Algae (Spirulina)

Dyeing Fascination… I think

I am back at “it”… that is dyeing wool.   I am not sure what compels me to continue playing with dye and wool.   I have had weird hobbies but I often leave them quickly behind… you understand… so I don’t become weird.   (At least I don’t think I am weird… I just… Continue reading Dyeing Fascination… I think

Sunflower Dye

Yes more dyeing and this time from a bag of sunflowers that Isabelle picked on her walk back from the gym.  (Technically she stole these flowers… proof that she isn’t so “perfect”)   While “googling”, I have seen many different colors coming from different types of sunflowers so I was curious as to what color… Continue reading Sunflower Dye

Weekend with Snails (Murix Trunculus)

I am home!  OH…. It is very nice to be home with my family.  I  wanted to celebrate (maybe that is too strong of a word) my return by dying wool with snails.  (I loved this celebration… but it’s awesomeness was not felt by my wife… explanation soon to follow)This post will be about snail… Continue reading Weekend with Snails (Murix Trunculus)

Weekend Dyeing with Red Onions

This weekend I decided to continue playing around with natural dyes.  This time I decided to give red onion skins a try.  I have to admit that I am fascinated by natural dyeing techniques.   I wonder about the person who thought of trying onion skins to dye stuff.    Was he/she weird? or brilliant?…… Continue reading Weekend Dyeing with Red Onions

Last Minute Christmas Preparation

Leaving for India so close to Christmas time has left me to do all of my Christmas preparation at the last minute.  (… of course I would probably be in the same situation had I not left since I always put it off to the last minute… it is just nice to have the India trip as an excuse) One thing that I… Continue reading Last Minute Christmas Preparation

Weekend with Niddy Noddy

What the heck is a niddy noddy… I didn’t have a clue until Madgeface (feel like I am mocking her when I call her that)  told me that I was missing a step in my wool spinning for my weaving project.   This week not only did I make a niddy noddy, I tried for the… Continue reading Weekend with Niddy Noddy