Weekend with Raclette


I GOT MILK… (picture me with a milk moustache… would have been a great header for this post but… just couldn’t do it… don’t like milk in its natural state… picture gag reflex).  Above is what I will be making (or starting) this weekend.  RACLETTE… (This is one I made 6 months ago) This cheese dates back to medieval times and is often served HOT AND MELTED… poured onto potatoes and charcuterie. (See picture below… same cheese melted at one of our dinner parties… we like to add “lardons”) I am very proud of this batch.  You should take note of the rind (the orangie pinky outer layer).   This comes from bi-weekly washing with a light brine and B. linens (Brevibacterium linens… often found on skin..  causes foot order… imagine how this was introduced into the cheese by a medieval stinky footed cow herder… I bet by accident… maybe by straining curds through his/her socks???  and now I carry on his/her tradition with intent and pride…   you also see why these recipes use to be secret.)


Please read on… I will be posting the recipe and steps… (three day process) and it will be nail biting excitement… (or don’t read… buy some in the store… especially if you have never  tried raclette… then melt and eat… )

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Weekend with Empty Bottles and Snakes

They say there’s no use crying over spilt milk (wonder what the say about no milk…..all of these bottles should be full…alas…… I am so disappointed again...)  My milk source is still not able to sell milk… (said come back Saturday but that would be too late for this weekend) So… I break another promise … no raclette … will have to wait for another weekend.

I am still going to make cheese this weekend…  Mascarpone…A very SIMPLE recipe.. Mascarpone is my favorite desert cheese and I want to pair it with a recipe I learned while living in France in my early 20s.   (Tarte Tatin ).  I was visiting a friend in Blois (pronounced “BLAH”)… *see  my painting (yes I paint… kind of anyway… I lived near this bridge.. right next to the church… largest building… loved this town… smelt like chocolate)


My friend asked if I wanted some apple pie… I enthusiastically said yes… she than surprised me by saying… well let’s go make it.    (I didn’t make or cook things back then… )  I tried not to sigh and decided to go along with it… followed her into the kitchen (I was hungry).   I loved this pie (tarte)… and found that I loved making it.  I have been making it ever since.  It is so easy  and don’t have or need a recipe… I just reenact that afternoon.    I had never eaten tarte tatin with mascarpone until three years ago while in Paris at a great restaurant just off of the Champs Élysées called Le Sens Unique…. and they introduced me to what I can only describe as a magical combination… one you can create easily yourself… so TRY THIS WITH ME….

BEFORE I start the recipe…I want to “air some dirty laundry” for anyone reading this who wants to chime in with an opinion (hint your opinion is more valued if you agree with me)… I am kind of in the dog house again…(wife isn’t mad… just annoyed… you think she would just get use to me and give in… )   Here is the back story.  I grew up  in the country and as a kid did country things.   My kids have grown up in the city and I am trying to introduce them to the finer things of country living.   I innocently mentioned that I would often catch snakes…  Well my kids found a nest of snakes… finally dared to pick them up… and now all they want to do is look for snakes.   My wife is horrified and said (with a hint of a judgmental tone).   It is all your fault…   I told her kids play with snakes… that is a “nature” thing… not a “nurture” thing… so it can’t be my fault… I am right…n’est-ce pas?


Back to mascarpone and tarte…

I need to give credit to the site and people who helped me get started in cheese making. I found them on the internet while searching for how to make cheese… I found Bob and Ricki Carrol and their web site (cheesemaking.com).  These two have been doing this since 1978 and have all of the information, instructions, ingredients, and equipment for anyone interested in making cheese at home.   Please check them out..  They are so helpful, if you order from them, you can count on it always being shipped promptly and I have not had one problem in all the transactions I have had with them over the past three years…plus… the recipe is from their site…

Now… read on!!!    or… just hit like… and pretend you read the rest.. .(I understand… words words words)

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