Weekend with Jet Lag

It is so nice to be home (and up at the bunker… see featured picture) Soon things will become normal again (as normal as things and I can be…).  My sleeping has been out of sync and I even went into the office at 3:00 am so I could get work done while I was “wide” awake.   … Continue reading Weekend with Jet Lag

WPD 7-7

I know that you have been waiting for this… and I don’t want to disappoint anyone… so HERE it is… Pictures of  McDonalds in Europe… (I should make a coffee table book… ) Out of principal I refuse to eat at McDonald’s especially in Europe (can’t imagine not eating the local dishes…) But I have noticed they are very … Continue reading WPD 7-7

WPD 7-2

The water is so high right now that it is brown… Speaking of “Brown“… One of the first things you learn while walking in France is that you must watch where you are stepping.  If you do not you will step “in IT“…   (you know…stinky little presents from passing dogs… horrible…  makes you realize that … Continue reading WPD 7-2

WPD 7-1

Before I show the Weird Picture of the Day… I want to explain this featured picture (the one above)…  Place Gutenberg… where you can see a statue of Johannes Gutenberg who lived in Strasbourg for 10 years and did his apprenticeship here to become a “orfèvre“… Think that is a “goldsmith”…   The parchement he is holding has the following … Continue reading WPD 7-1


(for an explanation read this post) WORSE Idea for a meal in New York… (sorry flaming saddles saloon).   If eating more than Fritos out of a “Fritos bag” isn’t already a bad idea… eating Fritos with the following items makes this an “extremely” bad idea:   Sour Cream, Texas Chili, German Mustard, Chopped Onions, Jalapenos, and … Continue reading 5-13-2016


(for an explanation read this post) TWO PICTURES!!! I want to add another title… This is not only a “Weird Picture of the DAY”… but a PSP (Public Service Post) WORDS MATTER   I saw this sign while on the subway… and several instructions really bothered… and confused me… FIRST:  Under “Evacuation” emergency with the first … Continue reading 5-12-2016


(for an explanation read this post) Of course I was going to shop here… (not often you find stores that target the wealthy while making sure they get the best bargain…)   As I started to walk across the street… I realized that walking into these doors would make me look cheap…   or they would find out … Continue reading 5-11-2016