Last pictures from France

I have been home for almost a week… boy it is nice to be home.   I do miss France already and I want to share some “final” family vacation pictures.   I have already posted “typical” tourist pictures… and have saved “my kind of pictures” for this last post.  I hope you enjoy these… Continue reading Last pictures from France

Family Vacation in France

I didn’t write in this blog or do anything weird this weekend.   This weekend we all got on a plane and flew to France. (Our annual family vacation to France.)   Even though the kids have flown often, I still worry about keeping them entertained.   In an attempt to have Ben do something other than iPad or video watching I asked him to draw a… Continue reading Family Vacation in France

Weekend in Schiltigheim

This is my first “weekend” in France on vacation.   I decided to post some picture from my walk to church today.   Usually I write this for myself… very selfishly only thinking about what I want to “remember”.   This time I am writing for all of you!!! I want you to see a city in  France… But not… Continue reading Weekend in Schiltigheim

OH No… Les soldes d’été (forgot about it)

Before I get to the “SOLDES”… I want to say that the day started off… well beautifully.   We went for a nice walk around Oberhausbergen… Isabelle’s home town. (funny name for a french city… but they are all strange names in Alsace) Here are some pictures from the morning walk… You will note that almost all of… Continue reading OH No… Les soldes d’été (forgot about it)

Departure and Arrival – Strasbourg

We made it… FINALLY… over 30 hours of travelling… (had some late planes and missed transfers)…  I will not bore you with all of details but the kids were awesomely patient,  well behaved (well for my kids) and towards the end… completely exhausted.  While waiting for the first plane I snuck away for a small walk… when… Continue reading Departure and Arrival – Strasbourg