Weekend with Horehound

This might be a weird question (still going to ask it…)   Have you ever planted an herb just because you like saying it’s name?   Horehound… horehound… horehound…mmm… and while I believe it to be one of nature’s top ten ugly herbs,  I never get tired of saying horehound.   This weekend I have harvested my horehound and am going … Continue reading Weekend with Horehound

Monday with Dirt and Herbs

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T LIKE TO READ… (at least read what I write)… I want you to CHOOSE AN “UNUSUAL” HERB (must be legal) for MY herb GARDEN…  OFFER YOUR IDEA (or vote for someone else’s) in the comments.   The PRIZE…  I will mark that square (containing your herb) with your name or your blogs name… (I label all of my herb sections with white labels see below…  You will get the entire square…)


Just to give a small HINT… (for those competitive types).  I only plant herbs in this garden (with the exception of two sections for strawberries… my SIX year olds section)  I have planted in the past the usual savory herbs… Last year I started looking for “herbal tea” and less common herbs…   I am looking for either a “FORGOTTEN… or UNCOMMON” herb.. or an herb that would be great for HERBAL TEA…  I will give this a week or two…  and than name the winner..

One last thing… I am not trying to ruin the concept of “post only weekend stuff here”… Here is my excuse… Visiting NY and returning home has thrown me off… Monday will have to serve as a “proxy” for the weekend…  Please excuse this protocol breach… I  was traveling home…  had flight delays… spent the night sleeping on the floor of the airport… etc. (great excuses huh)… I promise to be back on “point” next weekend.

 10 Suggestions so far… 

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