(for an explanation read this post) WORSE Idea for a meal in New York… (sorry flaming saddles saloon).   If eating more than Fritos out of a “Fritos bag” isn’t already a bad idea… eating Fritos with the following items makes this an “extremely” bad idea:   Sour Cream, Texas Chili, German Mustard, Chopped Onions, Jalapenos, and … Continue reading 5-13-2016


(for an explanation read this post) TWO PICTURES!!! I want to add another title… This is not only a “Weird Picture of the DAY”… but a PSP (Public Service Post) WORDS MATTER   I saw this sign while on the subway… and several instructions really bothered… and confused me… FIRST:  Under “Evacuation” emergency with the first … Continue reading 5-12-2016


(for an explanation read this post) Of course I was going to shop here… (not often you find stores that target the wealthy while making sure they get the best bargain…)   As I started to walk across the street… I realized that walking into these doors would make me look cheap…   or they would find out … Continue reading 5-11-2016


(for an explanation read this post) TUESDAY   This morning while walking I noticed what I thought was a “Pool Store”…   I was going to title this the worlds hardest to fill swimming pool.  I was then informed this was not a sales advert for pools but art… in fact it is called Van Gogh’s … Continue reading 5-10-2016


  Back story.   When  my oldest daughter was young and I would travel to France without her I would always take a picture a day of something I thought was “weird” “odd” or “funny”….  so I continue this tradition on this blog here in New York… (cannot promise anything good… I think it is easier … Continue reading 5-09-2016