NON-Weird Pictures of the Day (India Part Three)

Before I start showing some photos that make me laugh (or scratch my head) I want to share some pictures that are more normal.  (I think I am starting to worry my wife…)


India Trip 26.jpg
When I arrived at my hotel room from work (very late)…   I found these roses left for me in my room.   I think the Hotel or someone  that works here must love me!  (hmmm maybe that will make Isabelle worry more)


Last nights dinner… incredibly delicious!   Lamb chops in Jamaican Jerk sauce…   Finally some Indian food that I love…   I can no longer eat “authentic” Indian ever since I visited the office restroom and was overwhelmed with the smell of Indian Curry.   I can’t eat anything that smells the same way going in as it does coming out…   (maybe this might be too much information?)


India Trip 28.jpg
Here is the office I am working at.  Beautiful area and building!!!


Front Desk for our company… It is interesting that this office is better decorated for Christmas than my home office.



India Trip 29.jpg
This is the floor that I am working on.   What a great working environment…and the employees are as fantastic as the environment.  I am being especially spoiled by the “office boy”… ( feel weird saying that but I was told that was his title).   He stops by almost every hour with water and asks me if I need anything.  


India Trip 30.jpg
Here is the view I have from the room they have given me to conduct interviews in.  I have been here 12 hours + each day but at least I have large windows and a great view

This is all I am going to share for now… Please check back… I have many more “weird” pictures to show.







7 thoughts on “NON-Weird Pictures of the Day (India Part Three)

  1. Another in a long series of fantastic posts….and, I laughed inside as I read your running commentary….you are very funny! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I read posts one and two before going to work yesterday, but didn’t have time to comment….my head can be pretty fuzzy first thing–depending what’s on my mind and how long I’ve procrastinated….because, then, I find myself “wolfing down a post”, and realizing I would have been better of looking at it when I had the time to enjoy it….so, all that is meant to say that I will check them out again and will comment. I can say, I found them entertaining and intriguing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. no worries… you are not required to comment… I am just happy you have read them.. (and your comments are honestly some of the kindest things I have ever read… and I treasure all of them… you truly have a gift for “uplifting” people)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much for your gracious compliment…I actually love commenting on your posts…it is part of the pleasure of connection….I appreciate what you offer so much and I am so blessed to be in a position to share with you and for you to share with me…. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This post does appear extraordinarily normal! The dinner looks mouth-wateringly good 😊 Your office looks like a very inviting place to work. I appreciate your eye for weirdness, but it’s great to know that you also appreciate the mundane in life😜

    Liked by 1 person

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