Weekend at Cascade Springs

Another weekend and another quick fall hike… This weekend we drove up to Cascade Springs which is a collection of artesian springs and pools surrounded by wooden walk ways and paved trails.   This is a very family friend hike… (only 1.25 miles).  This also was my choice and I do have to admit that… Continue reading Weekend at Cascade Springs

Weekend with hiking, trail work, and sagebrush dye

This weekend we were off again on another hike.  I love the outdoors and nature but the real reason is that my French (French in a good way) wife Isabelle is making us go again.  So you have some context around this “making us go”,  I need to let you know that she is really… Continue reading Weekend with hiking, trail work, and sagebrush dye

Weekend with Waterfalls

This weekend we decided to visit a nearby place called Sundance.  This is beautiful area on the slopes of Mt. Timpanogos.  You may have heard of this place… or maybe not.   It is the location of the Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Ski Resort and I think a lot of this area including the… Continue reading Weekend with Waterfalls

Weekend lizard hunting and dancing

I am late writing this… and I almost decided to skip this week.  BUT….  I decided that I had best keep with my blogging goal (at least once a week) and write about my weekend family hike…   Before I begin… I just realized how fortunate for all of you who are still reading this… Continue reading Weekend lizard hunting and dancing

Leaving again… But first a small hike!

I am just about to get on another airplane and fly away from my family.   I am going to share more about that in coming posts… (hmmm  reading this back made me realize my subtle attempt at getting all of you to come back and read my posts… isn’t that subtle.) Before I leave… Continue reading Leaving again… But first a small hike!