Weekend with the Loom

This weekend I spent my time with the Loom… (not to be mistaken with fruit of the loom…   fruit and a loom is a strange combination if you really think about it).   I still feel very novice and I am going to update you on my weaving…   add some more “ah ha” moments and hopefully … Continue reading Weekend with the Loom

Wine Making (part 3)

Here is part three of my wine making “adventure”… (nothing exciting to announce like exploding bottles).  If you have missed the previous posts I am fermenting (nice word for rotting) grape juice with the hopes of creating wine… (Here is part 1  and part 2…  just in the case you might be interested).       My grapes always make an interesting … Continue reading Wine Making (part 3)

Wine Making (part 2)

I picked the grapes!!!  Now it is time to start making the wine.   If you have not read Post 1 (part one)  I explained that I am a “wine making novice”.  No experience at all… and more than ever I am a becoming nervous.  I am worried that I am doing things wrong and will … Continue reading Wine Making (part 2)