Monday with Dirt and Herbs

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T LIKE TO READ… (at least read what I write)… I want you to CHOOSE AN “UNUSUAL” HERB (must be legal) for MY herb GARDEN…  OFFER YOUR IDEA (or vote for someone else’s) in the comments.   The PRIZE…  I will mark that square (containing your herb) with your name or your blogs name… (I label all of my herb sections with white labels see below…  You will get the entire square…)


Just to give a small HINT… (for those competitive types).  I only plant herbs in this garden (with the exception of two sections for strawberries… my SIX year olds section)  I have planted in the past the usual savory herbs… Last year I started looking for “herbal tea” and less common herbs…   I am looking for either a “FORGOTTEN… or UNCOMMON” herb.. or an herb that would be great for HERBAL TEA…  I will give this a week or two…  and than name the winner..

One last thing… I am not trying to ruin the concept of “post only weekend stuff here”… Here is my excuse… Visiting NY and returning home has thrown me off… Monday will have to serve as a “proxy” for the weekend…  Please excuse this protocol breach… I  was traveling home…  had flight delays… spent the night sleeping on the floor of the airport… etc. (great excuses huh)… I promise to be back on “point” next weekend.

 10 Suggestions so far… 

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Un-Weekend or Mid-Week Plea for Advice

5 suggestions So FAR… don’t let your VOICE go un heard… nor miss out on a grand prize!!!

(So it is not the weekend…but I am posting… gosh… makes me feel like I am ruining the theme of my blog… please forgive the weekend faux pas)

I am not going to talk about what I did… (except show some mid week work and than see if I can get some advice).   Above you will note I started the second red stripe… and did it correctly this time.  It looks so much better.   While doing this I started second guessing my design.

(Maybe thinking too much?  I talked about having urges… that can be bad… but you know what is worse…  obsessing over something… overthinking it until all the fun and spontaneity is gone…  and it looses  the “magic”…. so I am hoping to let someone else make a design decision for my rug/blanket)

Here is my design (dont mock my draftsmen or the fact that it is actually versioned…  I write software can’t help myself)


Let me talk through what you are probably scratching your heads at and then quickly get to the advice request.   I like the simplicity of this design dark gray -> gray->light gray -> white…(then the same pattern in reverse) with 5 red lines and 2 dark gray lines. (hope that made sense).

Since I created this design I have dyed more wool…Gray Blue (black-beans), Gold (annatto), Blue-Green(red cabbage). I also have Black wool…  and two more dyeing project Olive (nettles), and Dusty Pink (avocado)…    I am pretty much set on the outer red lines and gray…since I have almost finished one side…  I am looking for advice for the middle section I think I like it white with something in the white… but am open to any good idea.

SO… KEEPING ALL OF THE COLORS AND CURRENT DESIGN IN MIND… Does anyone have a Design Idea???…   PLEASE… PLEASE…Any idea welcome…   any suggestion!!!

Here is what is going on in my head…

  • Should I leave it as it is? (don’t over complicate it)
  • Should I keep the design but change the colors of the inner lines? (currently 2 gray… with middle red… could do blue and gold)
  • Should I re-think the lines and do something else?… (but not too hard this is my first project on a loom)


(think about it… my family will be calling a rug by your name from now until the rug falls apart.. hopefully the rug lasts a long time… what an amazing prize… for those bloggers you can post a picture of the finished rug with the incredible claim that it was named after you )

read below for results of suggestions (I am adding images and short thought on all the suggested designs)

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