How to be a Panographer

I promised to post a “how to” make panography (this is not pornography… big difference although I imagine someone might have combined the two… Sorry… I will not)…  so here it is.   I saw this done by happenstance several years back  and was intrigued by the “look” (was not searching for something else and had a … Continue reading How to be a Panographer

Panography – Venice

  I use to love creating panography… (alm0st as much as saying look at my “panography”)…  I have not done this for a long time and decided to do some of Venice.  Here is my first.  Tomorrow I will post another with an explanation of what it is… and how I put them together… Continue reading Panography – Venice

Finally – Venice

We finally arrive in Venice…I wanted to whine and complain…  but on the plane we ran into 4 ladies from new Zealand who had the voyage from hell and were arriving 2 days late with just hours to catch their cruise (they lost any chance of seeing Venice) How do you complain after that? This is our … Continue reading Finally – Venice