Weekend with Chou de Choucroute

This weekend will be shortened since I am traveling to New York next week and will have to spend some time getting ready…  (at least there will be fewer words)

I am going to introduce this weekends activity again by giving the back story.   As mentioned in previous posts… I am married to a beautiful french woman… (must say that…she reads this… ).   What I didn’t realize when we first met is that she is not an ordinary “frenchy”…   She is Alsatian (not to be confused with the dog breed).  I had no idea about this peculiar group of people who have a very interesting history, language, and culture.   If you have never been to Alsace (pronounced Al’s ass…. which makes me want to tell everyone my wife comes from Alsace… and even after over 15 years I still chuckle)… You must visit this region of France.


My wife is from Strasbourg and it is a beautiful place.  While in Alsace (pronounce it correctly and see if you don’t chuckle) you must try Alsatian local dishes… I have never been fond of sauerkraut until I had an “choucroute alsacienne“.   The cabbage wasn’t the horrible pickly flavor I had always experienced.   I instantly fell in love with this dish…  I talked my sweet wife into leaving her family, food, and yes “Alsace”… (chuckle chuckle) and we tried for several years to recreate this beautiful dish using the sauerkraut I find in the US…   it sucked…  so vinegary… pickly (I know that isn’t a word )…  even if we washed it I could not get the fantastic flavor I had learned to love.

SOOO like other things I thought… I wonder if I can make chou de choucroute…(sauerkraut)… And the answer is YES… and it is easy.   The best part is that like cheese you let it rot in your basement for about three months and people will eat it.  In my experience they will not only eat it but say… (I hate sauerkraut… but I love this…) .  The picture for this post is from Christmas time and is the last batch I made…

This weekend I am going to make chou de choucroute and will share with anyone that wants to read further the step by step instructions.  Please follow along and then try this… in your own home… basement…or cellar.


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