Weekend with Raclette


I GOT MILK… (picture me with a milk moustache… would have been a great header for this post but… just couldn’t do it… don’t like milk in its natural state… picture gag reflex).  Above is what I will be making (or starting) this weekend.  RACLETTE… (This is one I made 6 months ago) This cheese dates back to medieval times and is often served HOT AND MELTED… poured onto potatoes and charcuterie. (See picture below… same cheese melted at one of our dinner parties… we like to add “lardons”) I am very proud of this batch.  You should take note of the rind (the orangie pinky outer layer).   This comes from bi-weekly washing with a light brine and B. linens (Brevibacterium linens… often found on skin..  causes foot order… imagine how this was introduced into the cheese by a medieval stinky footed cow herder… I bet by accident… maybe by straining curds through his/her socks???  and now I carry on his/her tradition with intent and pride…   you also see why these recipes use to be secret.)


Please read on… I will be posting the recipe and steps… (three day process) and it will be nail biting excitement… (or don’t read… buy some in the store… especially if you have never  tried raclette… then melt and eat… )

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