Here are some Cyanotypes that I have made in the past week.   I really like playing with this process and I am leaving for France in a couple of days… So… I want to use up all of the chemicals before I leave.   (this is just pictures… click here if you want “how to”) Grandfather and … Continue reading More…Cyanotypes

Weekend with Cyanotype

I am so excited to share (and experience this weekend).  I always write my posts in short “in between” moments as I am doing my “weird” things…(would hate to write so many words in a single setting…).  This means as I am writing this I have not fully lived my weekend and have no idea if it will work… and be “awesome”(that is what my 6 year old would say).


At this moment I have mixed the chemicals. (Love the mad chemist vibe… not sure why “mad”… except that I don’t know exactly what I am doing… and one is a something-cyanide… which sounds dangerous) I bought a kit  (here is the link)and this one was excellently priced and much easier than what I had previously imagined.  I have received two bottles with powder in them.  You just add water to both bottles and then let it sit for 24 hours.  (For those who are reading this and happen to be chemists… or just nerdy… voila… the details of the bottle contents … Bottle A contains Potassium Ferricyanide – C6N6FeK4.   Bottle B contains Ammonium Citrate – C6H5+4yFexNyO7.)

Before I go much further… I want to offer some back story.   I do not consider myself a photographer…  in fact when I was little I didn’t consider photography art.. (hope I don’t loose followers with that admission)…  Let me explain better.  My father is an artist (an oil painter).  When I was young I asked him why he didn’t paint more “realistic” paintings…   and he answered with… if you want realism take a picture.  (This made me think that pictures were not done by artists… )   I have since matured (a little) in my understanding of art.. but still have a small bias (don’t we all)…   I made friends with a wonderful artist (photographer) and my eyes were open to some of the more experimental and creative things one can do with photography…(this excited me… and really made me rethink photography…  no longer will it be something I just do to remember my vacations and family events).  I have been experimenting on and off with photography ever since…    My first experiments were with polaroid transfers and lifts.


I bought this camera (my wife is so patient)… and started on the road to some of my first experiments with photography… I will share some of those pictures… below… (boy I am way off topic… I will come back to cyanotypes… but first… if you look closely you will see a set… I now call the dead family… was trying for a “sleeping” family… some how the concept failed)

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SO….   I love playing with and creating “atypical” photography… and I have wanted to try my hand with Cyanotypes for some time now.   I will be finally  doing them… not just myself but my entire family will join this activity (love it when we are all able to do this together)

For those already sick of reading… and who don’t want to learn the process here is a before and after picture that sums up what I did.  (This was an old negative that I found… I knew it was someone on my father’s side but the negative was broken into four pieces… cracked… dirty…and I couldn’t tell who it was… wasn’t sure this would work )




Isn’t this incredible… and when I saw this appear…  I recognized my grandmother right away… what a beautiful picture of her… and what a beautiful/magical process..

click… continue reading if you want to discover the process… (really “awesome”… and even my 6 year old could fully participate with this process)

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