Weekend with Woad

Hey… I am back to wool (no hair this weekend) and I am going to play with “woad”.   Why woad?… Here are my reasons!

  • Saying weekend with woad sounds awesome
  • I am a “woad virgin”… (no scoffing or mocking….  I don’t know what will happen… could be exciting or disappointing.. but I will find it interesting in any case.)
  • I like dying (and or staining) things and I love blue
  • Woad is a natural dye and has a very rich history
  • During the french revolution France was not able to get indigo.  Napoleon revitalized woad dying in france with a contest… the army uniform was blue and Napoleon wanted it to stay blue… the french dyers using woad were able to get a blue similar to the indigo dye… and thus the blue army uniform was saved by woad….(actually this isn’t a real reason… just wrote this for my  french wife)woad

I almost bought woad seeds to grow in my yard… but was informed that locally woad is considered a  “noxious weed“.. if you read the (link) you will note in a county near where I live… they refer to this plant as an “evader” and “infestation”.  I have friends… that told me when they were kids they were paid per garbage bag for removing this plant.   With this in mind I made the decision not to grow this plant… and  did the next best thing….bought woad powder on etsy from DragonDyeworks.. (who were awesome… fast… and really helpful)

The rest of this blog will be a step by step guide of how to (or possibly how not to) dye wool using woad.  For those that don’t care (wow that hurts a little… ) or don’t want to read all the steps I am giving you below the “cliff notes” version.



AFTER (just a bit uneven…)


(remember no mocking… first time… I am a novice… I still love the color and spun this might look fantastic)

I guess I wouldn’t have won Napoleon’s contest… unless he wanted camouflaged uniforms… (“sky camouflaged“….  his solders could blend in with the sky and clouds…)

For those interested in how to do this … or those of you who aren’t woad virgins and want to help me fix my uneven dye…click on continue reading (… kind of like the way “woad  virgin” sounds)

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Small Whair Update

Before beginning with this weekend’s  project…  I want to add a small update to last weekends whair.   You never know where (whair → where…clever huh) an idea will lead and this one may end up with me having to meet with HR .  Let me explain a bit further… I happened to mention to a co-worker that that while spinning hair I found … Continue reading Small Whair Update

Liebster Award

WOW… I can finally check this off my bucket list… was getting desperately worried… with feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.  I want to call out and thank my “make my dream come true”… follower…  KIMBERLY from MY FRUGAL FARMSTEAD  go visit her site!!!!She is a wonderful writer, farmer, cook… she is interesting ( I mean this sincerely) and obviously … Continue reading Liebster Award

Weekend with Whair

I write this post with a tad bit of reservation…  I want to be honest and  true to my “weird” weekends and this one will be a great example of what may happen during a weekend at my bunker…  With that stated… this one might be a bit over the top.  I didn’t think this was so bad.. but anything that makes my wife say “think of the kids” might be…so I warn you all…  Please don’t stop reading me  and “unfollow”…  even if you find this one too “weird”…  I promise this is the last time I do this…

Maybe it wont be so weird if you know the back story… so here goes.  I have been spinning wool for several months now.   As  I spun my thoughts went to what else can you spin…   I thought back to a  world war 2 french news reel that I had seen.   In one news clip they spoke about wartime shortages… and that they had started using “hair” for fabric…  In our past we have used hair for many things including jewelry and clothing.  (here is an advertisement I found for human hair for sale… along with goat, camel, and cashmere)


So… I began searching the web… for info on spinning hair… and yes people do it and in fact you can buy human hair yarn on etsy ($10 an ounce)…   So… at work I started joking about doing this… with the idea I could crochet a hat for bald men using humain hair.   They could then have hair on their head without the shame of wearing a toupet.

If this is weirding you out (you are reading a blog called weird weekends)… stop now…

After the reactions from friends and co-workers… this next picture might need to come with a warning… (NSFNP… Not Safe For Normal People)… if you are getting worried…look no further…

For those curious and open minded… look… This was not an easy procurement and I owe “co-worker Joe” all gratitude for making this next picture possible.


Garbage bag of Hair… (cool huh)

I thought it would be easy to get hair but as I asked around I found out that people didn’t think it was a good idea… I heard a lot of comments at my expense like… “you are so weird”… “my wife thinks you have mental issues”… “don’t be gross”… and even a… “it puts the lotion on its skin”… remark.   But “co-worker Joe” got his hair cut this week… and asked if he could have some hair.   He got much more than his own hair… and was able to drop off a garbage bag full of hair at my desk…  Best part… It was free… (kind of freaked out many of my co-workers… had to take it out and put it in my trunk)

My wife didn’t like this idea… especially when she heard exactly what I was going to do hence the “think of the kids” comment and she refused to help… Even now that I am done she continually says… “C’est dégoûtant“…(I even had to do this outside… at least it is beautiful here on my front porch).  


The rest of this blog is a “how to” take hair… (the garbage bag of random people’s hair)  and create what you see in the picture below (my first… maybe only… “whair” hat… “whair” = wool and hair).


IF YOU WANT to see the steps to create this beautiful work of art continue on….

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Monday with Dirt and Herbs

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T LIKE TO READ… (at least read what I write)… I want you to CHOOSE AN “UNUSUAL” HERB (must be legal) for MY herb GARDEN…  OFFER YOUR IDEA (or vote for someone else’s) in the comments.   The PRIZE…  I will mark that square (containing your herb) with your name or your blogs name… (I label all of my herb sections with white labels see below…  You will get the entire square…)


Just to give a small HINT… (for those competitive types).  I only plant herbs in this garden (with the exception of two sections for strawberries… my SIX year olds section)  I have planted in the past the usual savory herbs… Last year I started looking for “herbal tea” and less common herbs…   I am looking for either a “FORGOTTEN… or UNCOMMON” herb.. or an herb that would be great for HERBAL TEA…  I will give this a week or two…  and than name the winner..

One last thing… I am not trying to ruin the concept of “post only weekend stuff here”… Here is my excuse… Visiting NY and returning home has thrown me off… Monday will have to serve as a “proxy” for the weekend…  Please excuse this protocol breach… I  was traveling home…  had flight delays… spent the night sleeping on the floor of the airport… etc. (great excuses huh)… I promise to be back on “point” next weekend.

 10 Suggestions so far… 

(click “Continue reading” to see suggestions and more information)

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(for an explanation read this post) WORSE Idea for a meal in New York… (sorry flaming saddles saloon).   If eating more than Fritos out of a “Fritos bag” isn’t already a bad idea… eating Fritos with the following items makes this an “extremely” bad idea:   Sour Cream, Texas Chili, German Mustard, Chopped Onions, Jalapenos, and … Continue reading 5-13-2016