Weekend Site Seeing (Jordan/Petra Final)

I am finishing this Petra series from an airplane… not a return trip from Israel but from India believe it or not. (I will recap the crazy work week next post… ) I want to finish my Petra adventure… in this post. (here is part one and two) Weekend Site Seeing (Jordan/Petra Part 1) Weekend… Continue reading Weekend Site Seeing (Jordan/Petra Final)

Weekend Site Seeing (Jordan/Petra Part 2)

Part two of my Petra adventure!!! If you haven’t read Part One I recommend that you visit it first so you have some context (it will also explain the over use of exclamation points) Weekend Site Seeing (Jordan/Petra Part 1) I received some feedback from friends that it was not nice to only show the… Continue reading Weekend Site Seeing (Jordan/Petra Part 2)

Weekend Site Seeing (Jordan/Petra Part 1)

In this series of posts I would like to share with all of you an adventure…seriously…and while that last sentence might read like a simple “please read this blog” ploy…This accounting will be rife with nail biting events including several mysterious disappearances.  One being our Jordanian guide mid tour, Second an 83 year old Chinese… Continue reading Weekend Site Seeing (Jordan/Petra Part 1)

Weekend leaving (Hospital – Part 3)

I spent last weekend and week with my brother in the hospital.  This weekend I flew to Israel for business.   I miss my family each time I leave but I really love visiting Israel so I always travel there with a bit of excitement.   This time…  to be honest… the travel has been… Continue reading Weekend leaving (Hospital – Part 3)