Weekend with Algae (Spirulina)

I am writing last weekends post very late… several days late in fact.  I almost decided not to write this week… but…  I have been posting on this blog weekly for almost two years and how can I break this blogging tradition?… plus this is one of my only good habits.   I do have… Continue reading Weekend with Algae (Spirulina)

Weekend with Indigo

This weekend I played with Indigo dye and I have the blue finger tips to prove it.  I have been scrubbing my hands for the past two days and I have removed a good portion of the blue along with the underlying skin. Despite my vigorous attempts of hiding my “indigo activities”, the telltale signs… Continue reading Weekend with Indigo

Dyeing Fascination… I think

I am back at “it”… that is dyeing wool.   I am not sure what compels me to continue playing with dye and wool.   I have had weird hobbies but I often leave them quickly behind… you understand… so I don’t become weird.   (At least I don’t think I am weird… I just… Continue reading Dyeing Fascination… I think

Weekend with Turkey and Turmeric Dye

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   So… I am sick this weekend  (think I have the flu) but I still had a fantastic time with my family, food… and well… wool.  This weekend I am starting hopefully the “last” scarf I will ever knit.  As manly as my knitting is…  (it is very manly) I am kind… Continue reading Weekend with Turkey and Turmeric Dye

End of Fall Dyeing with Gardenia Fruit

This week I am going to share with you some more experimentation with natural dyeing.  (Wonder if there is such a thing as unnatural dyeing) I ordered gardenia fruit from Etsy after reading that it was used as a traditional yellow dye in both Japan and China.  The fruit is also used in traditional Chinese… Continue reading End of Fall Dyeing with Gardenia Fruit

Sunflower Dye

Yes more dyeing and this time from a bag of sunflowers that Isabelle picked on her walk back from the gym.  (Technically she stole these flowers… proof that she isn’t so “perfect”)   While “googling”, I have seen many different colors coming from different types of sunflowers so I was curious as to what color… Continue reading Sunflower Dye

Weekend with Logwood

My enthrallment with natural dyes again preoccupied my weekend.   (Do you ever write a sentence and then think… I would never say that… why did I write it?…   read the first sentence again and try to imagine anyone honestly saying that).   Let me “type” here what I would actually say…. I dyed… Continue reading Weekend with Logwood