Weekend with Algae (Spirulina)

I am writing last weekends post very late… several days late in fact.  I almost decided not to write this week… but…  I have been posting on this blog weekly for almost two years and how can I break this blogging tradition?… plus this is one of my only good habits.   I do have… Continue reading Weekend with Algae (Spirulina)

Weekend Silk Reeling

Greetings everyone…  This weekend I want to share with all of you my experimentation with silk worm cocoons and my attempt at making silk thread from the cocoons. Before I do this I want to share just a bit of silk history and silk legend. Legend has it that Empress Hsi Ling Shi while drinking… Continue reading Weekend Silk Reeling

Weekend with “Franken-Sweater”

“Good week” everyone!  (I am not sure that means anything… but since I only write this at the start of each week…  I am greeting you with my equivalent of “good day”)  This weekend I decided to share some progress on my manly knitting sweater project.   For those of you who were wondering what… Continue reading Weekend with “Franken-Sweater”

Weekend with Indigo

This weekend I played with Indigo dye and I have the blue finger tips to prove it.  I have been scrubbing my hands for the past two days and I have removed a good portion of the blue along with the underlying skin. Despite my vigorous attempts of hiding my “indigo activities”, the telltale signs… Continue reading Weekend with Indigo

Week getting ready for Christmas

I took this week off from work (well kind of… I ended up working two days because of meetings and emails… Geesh… should have not peaked at my emails).   I am always rushing around the week before Christmas trying to get all of the last minute gifts done.   The last “big” gift effort… Continue reading Week getting ready for Christmas