Week getting ready for Christmas

I took this week off from work (well kind of… I ended up working two days because of meetings and emails… Geesh… should have not peaked at my emails).   I am always rushing around the week before Christmas trying to get all of the last minute gifts done.   The last “big” gift effort… Continue reading Week getting ready for Christmas

Happy Mother’s Day

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. – Rudyard Kipling – I want to wish every mother out there (especially the ones reading this) a wonderful celebration and offer my sincerest words of admiration and gratitude.  Mother’s day… what a wonderful holiday… Motherhood is one of the central forces in our humanity… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!   (is three exclamation marks too many?   I am having a Seinfeld’s episode flashback… I had better not use my exclamation marks so haphazardly )  For Christmas I would like to share a very personal story and if you don’t want to read my story I am including some random Christmas pictures of my family…… Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone

Being Thankful!

Having a blog named “weird weekends” makes it difficult when you want to share something more than just “weird” stuff you do.   This week I have been thinking a lot about being thankful and gratitude.  I am not sure that I have anything really profound to say but I want to write out my thoughts anyway. … Continue reading Being Thankful!