Jerusalem Street Markets

Here are some pictures of the street markets in Jerusalem.  I actually prefer walking the streets early morning when they are closed.  (See Early Morning Walk in Jerusalem)  If you read my last post you got an idea of what the streets are like when everything is yet to be opened and in this post you will see what it is like when all is open.


It is more difficult with all of the people to take a good picture but you can see the variety of “things” being sold…   and when considering a purchase make sure you have “fun” arguing the price… my rule of thumb is about 15 – 25% of the original asking price.  I also have a game where I ask them if they remember me from the last time I bought from them.   The answer is always “yes” my friend…  come in and talk.   (warning you will be pressured to buy…  but have fun and ask them about anything.  You will find they can be very friendly if they think you are going to buy something…  I have never felt so popular and made so many friends… )










Next post I will share with you my time around some of the religious places…  and possible some more weird pictures like this.


Does anyone think he is not buying the gas for his car but for “huffing”?   And yes that is confetti coming out of the nozzle…. hmmm Sogood!


Weekend at Cascade Springs

Another weekend and another quick fall hike…

This weekend we drove up to Cascade Springs which is a collection of artesian springs and pools surrounded by wooden walk ways and paved trails.   This is a very family friend hike… (only 1.25 miles).  This also was my choice and I do have to admit that I fooled Isabelle into thinking it was a  much longer hike.   Lucky for me it is a very beautiful place… so there was only a little bit of complaining.  (none from the kids or myself of course… we found the hike just right).

Unfortunately I forgot my good camera so please be forgiving of lower quality phone camera pictures.

Parks Pin

Before I begin with Cascade Springs I wanted to share the park pin we just received for our work on the trail last week.  (see Weekend with hiking, trail work, and sagebrush dye)  I had no idea that we were celebrating the 60th anniversary for this state park.  Receiving the pin was a nice surprise.

HMM…  Is it still volunteer work if they pay you with a pin?

Cascade Springs 04


My family would often take a Sunday drive up to Cascade Springs when I was a kid and I have not been back since I was probably 15 or 16.   There are two routes one of which is much shorter but is a dirt road.  When I was a kid that road was not suitable for a normal car.  We made that drive in a Dune Buggy (or Buggy Dune as my little sister called it).  I wonder if people still call them Dune Buggies? more importantly are they still cool?… I am not ashamed to admit that I felt cool just being in the back seat.

Cascade Springs 05

Before we headed out I “googled” the short route  and the results stated that it was still a dirt road that “may” not be suitable for a “family” car.

So… we took the long way!

This was a beautiful drive but with all of the switch backs three of us got car sick, including the driver.   This made me decide that on the way home we would take the shorter route… dirt road… family car warning be darned.

To all of our surprise the dirt road was a much better drive.  The road was wider and the switchbacks didn’t seem as frequent. The road also didn’t break the “family” car. (Just got it really dirty) Again I must state that this was lucky since I was driving Isabelle’s car and she had just replaced the front windshield two days before (She kept warning me that I had better not let a rock hit the new windshield… like I could stop that)

Cascade Springs 19

You can see our drive on the map.   Blue is going and red is returning… all the little squiggly bumps you see on the lines are the actual switch backs.  (Where the blue and red meet is Cascade Springs)

I mentioned before that we struggled with car sickness on the way to Cascade Springs and because of the long drive we had to make a “pit” stop just before we arrived.  My wife after completing her “business” noticed me with my phone.   She made some remark about “not being stupid…  and some warning about not taking a picture of her there just for my blog”.   After hearing that I of course decided that it was a “must share moment”  so here it is!

Cascade Springs 07.jpg

Cascade Springs 06

Cascade Springs 08

After the quick pit stop we finally arrived at Cascade Springs.    The place has changed a little but it was still very familiar and brought back very fond memories.  One  memory that came back  was of me being here as a pre-teen with my buddies.

I remember back then with those “buddies” deciding we would pull off our first “con” job.   (Being older I realize that this makes me sound horrible but when I was a kid  I considered “conmen” really smart and clever and who doesn’t want to be “smart and clever” ).   At that time park services had a sign at the springs that read “litter awareness badge” and showed a pull tab from a can.  (This sign has long been taken down… hmm I wonder how many kids now would know what the picture on that sign was showing).   We collected these pull tabs, mostly off of our own cans, and sat below the sign.   With every passing person we would offer to sell them a “litter awareness badge” for 50 cents.   You wouldn’t believe how many said yes until they saw what we were selling. I can’t say I had much luck selling “badges” but I still made a dollar that day… most importantly I felt “clever”.

Cascade Springs 20

Can you believe I actually found a picture of that old sign?…  The internet is amazing.

Here are some pictures from our hike… maybe less words and stories but I can’t promise that.

Cascade Springs 09

Cascade Springs 10

Cascade Springs 17

Cascade Springs 12

Cascade Springs 11

Cascade Springs 00

Well… here comes more words.. sorry.   I think on the same day we were trying to sell those badges we decided to have a nice swim in the small pool of water you see above.   Probably not a big deal… except back then we didn’t swim with clothes… always naked… you know so our moms wouldn’t see our wet clothes.   (We were always concerned about our mother’s feelings…  plus back then getting in trouble often ended with a task of cutting a willow… if you know what that means)

Cascade Springs 16

Cascade Springs 14

Cascade Springs 01

Cascade Springs 13

Cascade Springs 15

Cascade Springs 18

Yep… I have weird kids!

I want to make a “call out” to the park rangers.   These men and women really make a difference in all of our outdoor adventures and this one is no exception.   As we were leaving the park we passed two rangers who had set up a display.   They had hides from local animals and allowed the children to touch them.  (bear, bobcat, moose, mule deer, mountain lion… etc.)   They followed up the touching with hand sanitizer which eased Isabelle’s sensitivities.  This was awesome… the only thing that could have made it better would have been to allow us to “sample” each wild animal.  In my head I imagined small sliders of each animal’s meat…  of course barbecued on local wood.  I thought about making the suggestion but I know they are already overworked and under paid.

Cascade Springs 03

That is all I have to write about for now…Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

Weekend with hiking, trail work, and sagebrush dye

This weekend we were off again on another hike.  I love the outdoors and nature but the real reason is that my French (French in a good way) wife Isabelle is making us go again.  So you have some context around this “making us go”,  I need to let you know that she is really cheap…  umm….ya… I mean it in a good way. (hope that keeps me out of trouble when she reads this).   In an earlier post I mentioned that Isabelle bought a “Utah State Parks Annual Pass”.  That pass cost a ‘whopping” $75 dollars and she is going to make sure we get our moneys worth.

Trail cleaning 05

This week we are hiking the Dutch Hollow Trails.    I am very familiar with this area since when I was about 16 years old I had a “winter camp” here.  I hate winter camps more than I currently hate our “Utah State Parks Annual Pass”.  Way back then the goal for the winter camp was to learn “survival”.   With this in mind I was suppose to sleep in a “snow cave” I had built the week before.   Snow caves are suppose to help you survive but mine was more of a homemade deep freezer.  I remember retiring to the cave and noticing that my sleeping bag was frozen to the ground.   Being wise beyond my years, or  maybe just not stupid, I left the cave to place myself in front of a huge fire.   That night instead of sleeping I spent the entire night  feeding that fire wood and alternating my front side and then my backside to the fire’s heat.  I did learn the best way to survive the cold extremes of winter is to stay home.

Trail cleaning 09

As you can see Dutch Hollows is primarily scrub oak and sagebrush.   The trails are awesome for mountain biking and well kind of crappy for hiking.    There is not much shade and well you are continually stepping off the trail to let bikers pass.  Of course all of this didn’t deter Isabelle from pushing us onwards.  (Got to have a positive return on that 75 dollar investment)

Trail cleaning 07

Along the trail we came across a “station”.   This station had pruners and a shovel rake combination thingy… kind of like a huge spork.  The sign read “volunteers make trails better”.   We decided that we would volunteer to do our part.   The sign stated follow the direction of the red arrow and mark off 60 paces.   Isabelle started marking off the distance but I told her that it would be better if Ben did this.   Out loud I said it would be good for his counting.   In my head I knew that his short legs would walk off the smallest distance and to ensure this I whispered to him to take very small steps.

We then started cleaning the trail. (jesh…I thought our 75 dollars paid for this)

Trail cleaning 01

Trail cleaning 08

Trail cleaning 02

Trail cleaning 03

Trail cleaning 04

Doesn’t this newly groomed section of this trail look awesome!

I have complained some about Isabelle and these hiking trips but they make me remember my grandfather.   He was not a church going kind of guy but he used to tell me that being in nature was his church.  He saw the hand of God in everything… and I do as well including in my wonderful family.  I again am proud of the boys and their mother for their hard work and their willingness to make things better for others.

Trail cleaning 06

After all of this work (around 30 minutes) we decided it was time to hike home.   I noticed all of the sage brush and decided I wanted to see how well it dyed wool.   I think sagebrush blue/green is beautiful but I knew that would not be the color I would get.   All of us grabbed large handfuls of the sagebrush and carried it back to the car.   Ben said he loved the way it smelled… (that is before I started to boil it).

I will not go into much details since I followed the same steps as when I dyed with onions (previous post) minus the baking soda.. Readers of the last post ask me about the smell of the onions… let me just say… onions are nothing compared to the eye watering smell of the sage.

Here are pictures that show the steps and outcome… (minus lots of words… and the smell)

Sagebrush Dye 00.jpg

Sagebrush Dye 01

Sagebrush Dye 02

Sagebrush Dye 03

You can see that the sagebrush dyed the wool a nice yellow.  I had expected yellow (googled it) but was worried when I first saw the brownish color of the water and then worried more when I saw the florescent yellow color of the wet wool.  Fortunately the color mellowed as it dried.

Thanks for taking time to read this… Now… get out and go for a hike (I mean that in a good way)

Weekend with Waterfalls

This weekend we decided to visit a nearby place called Sundance.  This is beautiful area on the slopes of Mt. Timpanogos.  You may have heard of this place… or maybe not.   It is the location of the Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Ski Resort and I think a lot of this area including the resort is owned by the actor Robert Redford.

We were going to drop by and say hi to Robert… but you know how actors can be… talk… talk… talk… and we had some serious hiking to do.  (I didn’t know this at the time. I was hoping for a lazy Saturday and thought we were just going to take the lift to the top of the mountain… oh the deception… Isabelle)

Sundance 03

My daughter Gwen was excited because she had been here with her friends and they hiked up to a waterfall… Stewart Falls.  Isabelle and the kids wanted to do the hike and I tried to convince them that we were already at the falls… (see the above picture…unfortunately none of them fell for it)

Sundance 09

We bought our  lift tickets and because we were more than 4 we got a family discount. (10%… how awesome…).   I hadn’t noticed that my camera lens had a smudge and almost all of my pictures on the ride up show this smudge on the bottom right side. (you can see the blurry spot on my son’s shirt in the picture above… Sam is my oldest son)   Luckily I saw this before we started hiking and cleaned it so only half the pictures suck. How annoying it would have been to have every picture blurry.

Sundance 10

When Ben got on the lift and we started the ascent I could sense his excitement mixed with fear. (youngest son… love the missing teeth… note that darn smudge)  He kept telling me that we could probably survive if the cable broke… we just needed to land on our feet.  He also said that dying would be much better than being killed.  I am still trying to figure that one out.    (Every good adventure must have a little bit of life threatening fear moments)

Sundance 11

Isabelle and Sam road in the chair in front of Gwen, Ben, and I.   Sam was laughing at his mother because she kept saying that it was much scarier than in France.   She told him in France there was a bar that came down and without the bar it didn’t feel as safe.   Well…  They have the same bars on these chairs but she didn’t see it nor pull it down.   All the while Sam knew about the bar was not going to tell her.  You can see the bar above their heads.

Sundance 12

You can put your mountain bike on the side of the chair and ride with it up to the top and then have an incredible descent on that bike to the bottom.   Ben noticed all of the many bikers and he continually yelled “Hello… Bikers!”.

Sundance 13

There were several places mid ride where you could get off and bike or hike around.   I don’t know if you have noticed the signs… but I wonder who this “Ray” is.

Sundance 15

With my penchant for “weird pictures” my kids are always on the look out.  They noticed this sign and Gwen said, “Dad here is one of your pictures”. So I took it.  I am not sure what is happening to that poor guy but I feel really bad for him.

Sundance 14

The lift didn’t just go up but it went up and over then down the other side.  Once at the bottom we caught a second lift to the top of the mountain you see in front of us.

Sundance 16

Here is a view from the chair almost at the top.   This is looking back at midway where our “bunker” is.   (Actually I call it our “bunker”… If you ask Isabelle it is our “Country Home”).   On our way up I kept hearing a high pitched buzz… like grinding metal and I puzzled about it’s origin.

Sundance 19

At the top I realized what I was hearing.   If you look in the picture above you will see two cables on the right (above that dang smudge).   These cables are zip lines… crazy ones.. in fact there is four zip lines in all.

Sundance 20

Doesn’t this look amazing… and I am sure they will survive the cable breaking if they manage to land on their feet.   I really wanted to do this but Ben was too young and well even he wasn’t I don’t think I could have convinced him or his mother into going.

Sundance 17

The view from the top from both directions is awe inspiring.   This is looking down the opposite way of the zip line… breathtaking isn’t it… even with the smudge.

Sundance 18

There are buildings on the top and one of the lift operators mentioned that we should try the nachos.   Ben is allergic to milk so nachos are out of the question… lucky for him Isabelle packed celery.   (I laughed feeling sorry for him but he said he loves it)  Isabelle wanted to hike down from there and we started whining.   In fact we whined so much that one of the workers at the top said if you want a great hike take the lift mid way down and from that point take the Stewart’s Fall trail.

SO…. THAT IS WHAT WE DID… what a fantastic and kind of dangerous hike!

Sundance 28

I say dangerous… and we were warned.   If you read the top sign above you will see that the trail is going to be a “real hike”.   The second sign below it states that the trail was “more difficult than normal” with water to cross, snow, fast moving runoff, and other obstacles.   (I was excited to see what other obstacles would be there)

I had to warn the kids that this is a hike they could not “play around” on.   I warned them that it was going to be very dangerous.   Ben responded with “don’t worry dad… danger is not my middle name”.

Sundance 21

Sundance 22

Sundance 23

This trail had its “hard” moments but it was often shaded, mostly down hill since we were starting from the top and it offered amazing views.   I was a tiny bit worried because I had no idea how far the trail was and wondered when Ben or the other kids would start to complain.

Sundance 24

Sundance 25

Sundance 26

Sundance 27

The closer we got to the falls the more dense the plants became.   The kids pointed out the plant in the picture above stating that they think Dr. Seuss got his ideas for his trees from it.

Sundance 29

Sundance 30

Sundance 31

Sundance 32

Sundance 33

One section we had to cross a small water fall and the rocks were very slippery and the “down” side of the trail was very steep.  I didn’t take a picture of that and you unfortunately can’t tell from the pictures below… but it made me rethink our hike for a small moment.

Sundance 04

Sundance 05

As I carried Ben across he looked less afraid than on the lift.  It warms my heart that he trusts me so much… but I wonder if I should teach him to be a bit more skeptical of my capabilities.

Sundance 06

Sundance 07

Sundance 08

Sundance 39

We finally arrived at the waterfall and it was spectacular and also crowded.   Most people hiked up to the falls on another trail and we had no idea that there would be this many people.  Gwen and Ben decided that they “had” to walk under it.   I said go ahead and was going to just watch.  I then became weary and decided I had best go with them.  I don’t know what I was thinking… while it was very warm outside this water was ice cold.  After seeing me do this, Isabelle and Sam decided to avoid the “fun”.

Sundance 02

You can’t see me but I am holding Ben’s hand under the water while Gwen is watching us come out.   (She was suppose to go through with us but when she felt the icy water she immediately abandoned us and ran through to the other side)

Sundance 01

Here we are out of the falls soaking wet and freezing.   I didn’t think this through very well… especially when it came to the wet chaffing clothes that made the rest of the hike miserable.  It was already getting kind of late so we decided that it was time to get home.  I still didn’t know how long this would be and it turns out we had two miles to hike before we would arrive back at the resort.

Sundance 34

Sundance 35

Sundance 36

Sundance 40

Sundance 37

After arriving back at our starting point I was ready to get home and believe it or not still wet.   I am very proud of the children and how well they did on this hike.  Not once did I hear a complaint nor any fighting.   In fact they helped one another through the “hard” parts and were quick to offer each other encouragement.  (sometimes families rock)   Definitely a fantastic weekend!… and we didn’t have to worry about dying or being killed.

Sundance 38

Last pictures from France

I have been home for almost a week… boy it is nice to be home.   I do miss France already and I want to share some “final” family vacation pictures.   I have already posted “typical” tourist pictures… and have saved “my kind of pictures” for this last post.  I hope you enjoy these unconventional vacation pictures.

WPD France 01

We took the TGV last Sunday to Paris the night before our flight home.   Isabelle’s sister and nephew took us to the train station and you can see them in this “selfie”… (is it still a selfie if there is a group?)

WPD France 02

I love the TGV and they have an interesting  advertisement campaign this year.   Here is an example of one of those advertisements.  Ben and I decided we could create one as well using a phone and Gwen.  (Ben’s sister… while she was sleeping)


WPD France 03
Sorry GWEN



WPD France 03
We love you…. Gwen… couldn’t resist… and had to post it twice…  (never gets old)


I have more advertisements…. I saw one for an Opera the first day I arrived in Strasbourg.  I am not much of an Opera guy… but if this publicity is anything close to the actual opera I really want to see it.

WPD France 04
I wonder if severed head “kissing” causes this opera to receive a Mature Audience rating

This was not the only “gore” based advertisement.  I saw another and at first I thought it had been “vandalized”… As I looked closer I realized that it had not been… it was designed this way.  (oh those edgy French)

WPD France 05

Kind of gross huh…

WPD France 06

Speaking of gross…  This is the toilet paper at my mother in laws house.   The “Soft & Saugstark” made me wonder… what is “saugstark”?   I decided to “google translate” this…

WPD France 07

I had assumed that “saugstark”  was German… but google tells me that it is Norwegian for “Juicy”.   I was using “SOFT and JUICY” toilet paper…  hmm   Gross.

Boy… I know this is random… and it is only going to get worse…

WPD France 08
This sign makes me laugh… “French but wild”…  Made me think of a new coffee table book title… “Where the wild things are… France”
WPD France 09
I drove by this tree in a small village… I thought it was paint at first… but it is actually wrapped in some kind of fabric
WPD France 10
Sam took this one for me…   Maybe just a bit too much detail?… I think I  we all get the idea…   the yellow part is not needed.
WPD France 11
In walking I noticed these ridged tiles every where… finally figured out they were for the blind… they show… (by texture) where to cross the street  and the nearest one shows where to catch the bus
WPD France 12
Do you every wonder where “delinquent” light poles hang out?
WPD France 13
SDF means “Homeless”… and this was on the front of a store.  Not sure I understand exactly what this all means… lots of “X”s… but the two that aren’t…  what do they mean… You can hug and charge batteries in their store?
WPD France 14
Bartholdi’s home town… Colmar.   Strange to see a model of the statue of liberty in the middle of the road.
WPD France 15
hmmm…. is this bad? or am I a bad person because I think it looks cool?
WPD France 16
Sometimes I wished I didn’t speak/read French… I would have assumed that this was a sign that didn’t allow mimes… or invisible walls constructed by mimes
WPD France 17
Ya… I can handle anger… but “rage’ scares me…
WPD France 18
This was in the front door of a store… I am not sure what it is suppose to do or be….there is something oddly suspicious about this fake dog
WPD France 19
Here is a frozen yogurt store… pretty cute… except the odd milk wavy thing in the middle…
WPD France 20
Here is a product called “eat me”…   do you think it is food?  Sure would be a horrible name if it was hand soap or worse rat poison!
WPD France 21
Everyone to the ice skating rink!   Babies included… Boy are they “customer greedy”… anything for a dollar… (don’t worry baby heads are soft… nothing bad can happen)
WPD France 22
This is a “PSYCHOGENEALOGISTE” office… I had never heard of this before.   I asked Isabelle if you went there and a “PSYCHIC” told you about your ancestors.   She says this was a “PSYCHAITRIST” who tells you which ancestor you can blame for all of your mental illnesses… (not sure which is worse)

This is all for France… Hope there was at least one picture that made you smile!

Strasbourg, France 2017

I would be amiss if I didn’t share some pictures of my wife’s home town… Strasbourg.   (Located in Alsace…  Just writing that makes me chuckle… pronounced “Al’s a**” ).  I am going to share some pictures taken while out walking.

Strasbourg 03.jpg

Thursday we dropped off the rental car and started our walk home.   On the way home we ended up at Flam’s.   Isabelle does not feel like we have really visited “Alsace” until we have eaten some “Tarte Flambe”.  This is one of the little “traditions” we have adopted since she left her home to come live with me.  (With that said… I did build a brick oven in our backyard so we could make these at home. They are delicious)

We all have our little “habitudes” when we get here. (Habitude→ Habit, Custom, Way) One of my “habitudes” is walking… lots of walking.  Because I wanted to spend time with the kids and wife…and because I think everyone should be like me…  I asked, begged, bribed and shamed the rest of the family into going out and walking with me.   (Isabelle wasn’t hard… the rest… well…)

Strasbourg 01

Here is yesterdays’ walking… 26 km (16 miles) over 4 and 1/2 hours.  If you look closely there is a McDonald’s stop.   This happened to be one of my bribes.  We invited Uncle Jack, Mami(Isabelle’s mother), Cousin Josh and Jarod and the children walked to and from McDonald’s which is about 6 km.

Strasbourg 02
Ben is missing… playing in the back with his “new friends”… while Isabelle was telling everyone how many calories they were eating.  (She is not a big fan of McDonalds)… I usually wont eat there either but ended up eating a hotdog.  (Didn’t know they had hotdogs at McDonalds and it wasn’t bad… well for McDonalds)



Strasbourg 06
Sam and Gwen in front of the colza (rapeseed) fields.

The two older children… Sam and Gwen…  decided to stay with me after McDonald’s and walk along the canal de la Bruche.  This is definitely one of my favorite walks.   Beautiful for miles and away from the noise and pollution of the city.   It is also a very easy walk since it is  paved and almost completely flat.

Strasbourg 04
I take a picture of this farm every year. (bet it is already in this blog…)  This is my dream home and it is right next to the canal trail… hmm someday.
Strasbourg 05
I only took this picture while walking on along the canal… and it is just after the canal.   (11 km later).   I think I was busy trying to get the kids to stop looking at their telephones.

The canal trail connects to a trail along the “Ill” river which leads into Strasbourg.   This is also a fantastic walk… and it leads to one of the more “picturesque” parts of Strasbourg.   This trail also happened at a fortunate time since the kids were starting to be bored with “nature” and were asking for something more “urban”… with pastries.  (Gwen doesn’t like McDonald’s and hadn’t eaten yet).

Strasbourg 07
Crossing this bridge (on the roof…) and taking pictures is also an every year tradition.  The feature and the following picture are taking from the top of this bridge.
Strasbourg 08
You can take some amazing photos from this view point… especially panoramic shots.  I have this picture in my bathroom… hmm  not sure why it is in my bathroom.
Strasbourg 09
Pont Couvert…   pretty awesome… Just after this bridge is Petit France, Strasbourg… One of the first things I saw when Isabelle brought me to her home town… I took the children on the very path she took me and of course… the kids didn’t care… jesh
Strasbourg 11
Entering Petit France… in front is a small bridge that swivels to let the boats pass.  I often stop and take a picture on this bridge.
Strasbourg 10
Here is a picture from that bridge.   I am looking the opposite way of the feature picture.
Strasbourg 12
Looking the opposite direction I can see the “locks” opening and letting a tourist boat through.  I once watched one of the gates get jammed by a log…  (when you have nothing to do… anything can be exciting)
Strasbourg 13
This is looking towards the bridge and you can see that it has swiveled open to let the tourist boat pass.
Strasbourg 15
Some of you may not know this but Johannes Gutenberg lived a good portion of his life in Strasbourg.
Strasbourg 16
Here is the cathedral of Strasbourg…  This was blown up in beginning part of one of the Sherlock Holmes film
Strasbourg 14
Another view of the cathedral and also one of the oldest buildings in Strasbourg the Maison Kammerzell.   Isabelle and I ate here with some close friends…   (Choucroute of course)

Sam and Gwen were real “troopers” for this walk. (saying that makes me feel so old)  I am not sure they enjoyed it like I did but they didn’t complain and Gwen got her “pain au chocolat”.

I will post one more time before I leave France.  I am starting to pack and getting that anxious feeling I always have just before I leave.  I wonder why leaving for home always makes me stressed…   I have been saving up some of my more strange (or if you know me typical) vacation pictures for the last post…  keep in touch I hope they don’t disappoint.

Paris France 2017

I would like to share a day last week when our family visited Paris! I know I might roll some eyes  by saying this (should I have said make some eyes roll?)… HERE GOES… by the end of this day I was completely sick of Paris… I think if I could have blindfolded myself and made it back to our hotel safely… I would have.  At the end of the day I didn’t want to hear… see… smell… touch anything that had to do with Paris.  I had become the “Paris Grinch”…  Paris… Bah humbug… (I should have hash-tagged that)

I do not think I have every felt this way because it is an amazing place and in the past I have always wished I could spend more time visiting things.   I think the kids drained all of my energy and all of my enthusiasm…  ya… I am going to blame them.

I have been quite busy and a little bit lazy when it comes to “blogging”… think that is the kids fault as well… so I am going to just share some pictures with very little commentary.

Paris 09.jpg
What visit to Paris doesn’t include some RER and Metro time…  This time I let the kids try to figure out where we had to get off.   (I didn’t let them miss guess…)
Paris 10
This is down in the metro… had to share this picture because it reminded me of a “cheesy” family musical…   you can just imagine the kids with mom spontaneously starting to sing with a choreographed dance up the escalator…   plus I almost fell on my butt since I was standing backwards and I was at end of the escalator…   (I think that is why you see the smiles)

Paris 30

Paris 00
First site… some old metal tower…   It is really hard to get a “close-up” picture of Tour Eiffel that looks good.


Paris 07
We took the stairs since it had a shorter ticket line…   The kids enjoyed the “hike”
Paris 08
and.. well we didn’t mind (at least that is what we told ourselves)…  it is quite the walk
Paris 02
I think this picture of Ben shows everyone how we felt about the view… and this is only the first level.
Paris 12
Next boat tour on the Seine…
Paris 13
You are guaranteed to see some amazing sites… plus you are sitting for an hour and the kids are trapped in a small limited area…
Paris 14
Notre Dame…   several years back a kid… a very mean child… Said I looked like the hunch back of Notre Dame.
Paris 15
And yes… nearly naked Parisians…


Paris 17
Maybe a better picture of the Tour Eiffel?


Paris 18
The bridges are truly amazing… hmmm   maybe a coffee table book?… nah… too pedestrian
Paris 06
I thought the lines were horrible at the Tour Eiffel… this is the line for Versailles… and this is after you have spent time in line for the tickets.  We decided we were going to “forgo” this must see place… Gwen, my daughter, is still mad at me.
Paris 19
Here we are at Notre Dame.   Way back in the late 80s I would buy a gyro on a baguette topped with fries and eat it here.  I did this quite often.  I started to remember this wonderful time in my life losing myself in nostalgia. I tried to share this “dad back in the day moment”.   Guess what…  the kids didn’t care 😦
Paris 22
I love the old metro stops…  look closely at the glass lamps… love the orange-crimson glass against the blue green metal
Paris 23
Next the Louvre… but before we enter…
Paris 24
The kids had to stop at… as embarrassing as this is to admit… McDonalds.  (I tried to get them to eat a gyro by Notre Dame)
Paris 21
Louvre entrance under the glass pyramid
Paris 05
Like the 1000s of other tourist we had to ignore all of the other amazing art so we could hurry and find the Mona Lisa…  (I think the only painting my kids knew)
Paris 25
I prefer this statue (Winged Victory of Samothrace… really stupid name) over the “Venus de Milo”…   I don’t think my kids know about either one…


Paris 27
Many of these painting I am sure you have seen in books… but seeing them in all of their grandeur is amazing… My kids ran past this (The Coronation of Napoleon) on their way to the Mona Lisa


Paris 26
The Louvre is amazing floor to ceiling…


Paris 28
Here is my favorite ceiling… and sad to say I can’t remember what is on the walls…


Paris 29
We couldn’t leave without spending time in Isabelle’s favorite part… the Egyptian section…

umm… I think that is a lot of pictures… I hope you enjoyed them.   (I can’t post anymore… I am getting that sick of Paris feeling again… maybe I developed some strange phobia)

My recommendation… take at least a week to visit Paris… don’t try to cram everything into one day.