What’s Slippy and Doesn’t Suck

8 thoughts on “What’s Slippy and Doesn’t Suck”

  1. From your British correspondent:

    “Pits” is a contraction of “armpits”.

    The puzzlement over Slippy is probably more due to demographics than two countries separated by a common language. Slippy was a toad in the Nintendo video game Star Fox who was widely regarded as one of the most annoying/useless characters ever. Is it embarrassing to post this in public?

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    1. Thank you for filling in some gaps… (I assumed “pits” were armpits but had no idea about “slippy the toad”)… I am still a bit concerned about them not trying to keep their armpits cleaner… they should work on both the planet and their armpits… my opinion anyway. Embarrassed is not the exact word I would used… more disturbed… might be the second “not a virgin” advert placed beside it. My coworkers at home had the same reaction to the sign as I… here is an exact quoted when I sent a picture in a chat…” uh – that sign…. echhh” (that was my boss).


  2. Your penchant for capturing and contemplating the unfathomable is so appealing…if I didn’t know better, I would’v guessed this was a pitch for a vacuum repair service (just my inner-weirdness adding its two “sense” worth…pun intended) 🙂

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