What if I never wrote again?

14 thoughts on “What if I never wrote again?”

  1. Hey! I’ve missed seeing your adventures so yes, please continue blogging:) Please.
    Your weaving and dyeing are just gorgeous!! I think you’re raising your children right if they bring back fiber for you on their travels.
    Don’t stay away so long. I was getting ready to send out a search party:)

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  2. well. THERE you are! Been a while. I see your beard is bit longer, a tiny more gray……you look far more tired than you ever did before……how would I know? You sound tired my friend. I’d miss you if you stopped completely, and besides, where else can I get wierd and wonderful combinations of plant life for dye suggestions than right here?


    1. So nice to read you again!!! You are right I have had a tough trip this last go around… 3 nights on different planes… and 4 nights in 3 different hotels… 3 different cities and 3 different countries…. been a rough week and I am exhausted… catching plane in 30 minutes on my way home….

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  3. ASH! 🥳 🥳Where / How have ya been? Of course that’s a rhetorical question given you’ve probably been to more places in the 3 months than ordinary folks like us have ever been to in a lifetime. 😊 But I think you’ve answered your own question – there would be a “next time”, it’s just a matter of when. When we push ourselves so hard to follow a routine, it will eventually catch us out. (At least say a proper goodbye before you pull the plug eh??)
    How did you manage to take that photo on the escalators? Were you guys travelling up and down those escalators just so to grab the perfect shot? The cat was also obviously as tired as you were – a good napping place. 😅

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    1. Thanks for stopping by… and this will sound wrong… but I mean it nicely… I am glad you haven’t posted for a while… was worried I missed some of you hilarious posts… this way I know I am not too far behind on my catch up reading

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  4. As for your absence/wondering if blogging had run its course–I feel ya’ (platonic commiseration 🙂 )…and, what beautiful textiles!!! Also, as ever, your photos are magic…thanks for sharing and for coming back when you were ready….unconditional love (and reading) my friend…you need never apologize for absence, for life is life…soooooo glad to see you, again 🙂

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