Weekend with my rigid heddle loom

10 thoughts on “Weekend with my rigid heddle loom”

  1. since I got my tiny loom and have played with it to the complete annoyance of the husband and complete fascination of the cats, I have wanted a large loom such as this one. Glorious fun, isn’t it? oh, and I would assume (here we go extrapolating from a tiny bit of actual knowledge to a huge [whopper] of a conclusion) that since flax is plant instead of hair, it would have to kept wet much like papyrus must be kept wet until finished with whatever the project is. When papyrus is allowed to dry it cracks and breaks..when kept wet (well damp) it stretches and one can weave it.

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    1. Suze… I have wondered how your weaving has come along… (if you were still doing it). I recommend saving up and watching fore sales… these are not cheap but they make the process much better. When you spin the flax it has to be wet so I think you are 100% correct

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  2. It is sooooo impressive how you are drawn to such interesting projects…to my mind, you are the adult equivalent of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer…always embarking on fascinating adventures (including your work trips and vacations)…makes for great entertainment for armchair adventurers like me. Thanks for sharing!

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