Sunflower Dye

14 thoughts on “Sunflower Dye”

  1. I have some thoughts on the color difference. Cotton and wool (and silk and other fibers) take dye up differently, usually for cotten it picks up less of the dye, but sometimes more. Did you mordent the cotton for as long as and in the same way as the wool? That can make a difference as well. As far as shifting the dye by adjusting the Ph, I was taught in a natural dye class to do that after dyeing with a material by using an afterbath (usually with a small bit of yarn in a cup before immersing the whole project) in a vinegar solution and/or an ammonia solution with a rinse in between. And lastly, the dye chemicals aren’t necessarily the same chemicals that color plant parts, so they may be concentrated in another part of the plant or give you a color different from what you see. For example, I know with dandelions you can get color both from the flower and above ground foliage and from the root and the two differ in vibrancy. You probably know at least some of this already and I don’t mean to rain on your experimental parade, but rather just to suggest some ways you could get more desirable results. Keep having fun!

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    1. I loved all of this advice!!! Thank you so much. I am going to try the after bath… hadn’t even thought of this… (i know so little… which makes discovering so exciting) you have given me so many things to play with… I really appreciate you taking the time to write all of this. Advice like this is so valuable (hope others reading this post will see your comments)

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