Week in Westminster

This week I find myself in Westminster Colorado.   I am attending ÜberConf… and no this is not a conference for uber drivers.  (although an uber drivers  conference would have the most diverse and interesting attendees… just not sure what they would talk about}  When I started this blog I stated that I would not talk about work… (Oh the duplicity…).   I still will try to omit work details and just show some interestingly weird things from Westminster.

There is going to be a little bit of story telling as well… (sorry)

Westminster 01

My family and I are a bit sad that I am gone again.  I was sitting at the airport a little down and on a very “tense” conference call when I noticed that the coke I had purchased had my name on the bottle.    This made me smile… I took this picture… and then everything seemed much better.   Isn’t it strange how little things can make such a difference.  (Wonder if it is because I am an incredibly simple guy… or maybe I am just narcissistic)… oh ya… don’t tell my family that I stopped missing them after I saw that my coke had my name.

Westminster 02

I arrived early in Westminster and my co-worker suggested that we visit the “Butterfly Pavilion” near the conference hotel.   I thought this sounded like an interesting name for a lounge or bar and said sure.    It was neither bar, lounge, nor restaurant.   It is exactly what it sounds like… a bug place.

Westminster 05

One of the first things I saw were domino cockroaches.   Probably the only cockroach you could consider cute.  (Cute relative to other bugs… not “cuter” than my daughters Gwen and Hanna)

Westminster 06

OK… hmm (not sure that I should I write this).   In the museum they had a display that allowed you to smell…  well… smells.   They had tall smell holes and short smell holes connected for some odd reason.   When I saw someone use this smelling contraption for the first time I noticed that as they put their nose to the top smell hole… the bottom hole was positioned… well exactly at their… hmm crotch.   I initially thought this was some weird thing to allow weirdoos to smell themselves or a way to help you understand dog greetings without offending another person…. but nope…

Westminster 07

And they had bees… along with a bee counter. (not to be confused with a bean counter).   Most importantly… they had a large butterfly section.   It was in a very large net enclosed area with beautiful plants an of course a scary amount of butterflies.  There is something incredibly calming when you watch butterflies flittering around… well that is until you step on one.   You are not suppose to do that… but it requires much more attention than I initially thought.   (It was an accident… promise)  I thought I would have awesome butterfly pictures but after taking three or four pictures my phone died… (I immediately  regretted wasting batteries on the cockroach, smelling thingy, and bee pictures…)  Here are the butterfly pictures  I took.  (I didn’t take one of the dead butterfly on the walk way… you know… could be used as evidence)

Westminster 08

Westminster 10

Westminster 09

Our mission is to foster and appreciation of invertebrates while educating the public about the importance of conservation of threatened habitats in the tropics and around the world

Butterfly Pavilion Mission:

After this visit I definitely gained a appreciation for invertebrates… even the detritivores… Big word that I learned and I am going to just throw it out here like I know what I am saying.   The Butterfly Pavilion was earnestly committed to their mission statement insomuch that if just visiting didn’t foster appreciation…. they offered the chance to eat invertebrates with beer.

Westminster 03

I guess you will need several beers before you will be willing to eat some of their “unique, delectable dishes”.   (I wonder if they server butterflies…  I actually think I could eat one)… They also have an alternative for those who don’t drink alcohol…

Westminster 04

“INSECTIVAL”… kind of reminds me of “Festivus”…

OK… enough bug stuff… and a little bit about the conference venue… By the way this conference has a tag line of “no fluff, just stuff”.   I am not going to focus on the stuff… I will just share some of the fluff…. I found while being out and around.

Westminster 16

Westminster 14

The hotel where the conference is being held is fantastic and has some amazing grounds. I have really enjoyed walking around during the breaks… (my fluff time).   While walking around I noticed that there are wild rabbits everywhere.   I think they should advertise this hotel as a “Rabbit Pavilion”.  The pictures below are just a small sample of the rabbits I saw… and no… they are not the same rabbit.  (Different sizes, colors and locations)

Westminster 11

Westminster 12

Westminster 13

Westminster 17

LOTS of rabbits… I have a great idea I am going to go “sell” to this hotel






20 thoughts on “Week in Westminster

  1. I don’t drink, so my pitch is Bunnies and Butterflies (complimentary non-alcoholic bug juice with every check-in). haha.
    Also, Festivus for the rest of us…(now you’ve got me thinking Seinfeld..gonna have to reference it in my next post (I’ve already been jotting spippets for the next one))…
    Lastly, aside from loving your pictures and narrative, I have to give special mention to one of your lines (“oh ya… don’t tell my family that I stopped missing them after I saw that my coke had my name.”)…this struck me as sooooo funny…your sense of humor/delivery is just my thing 🙂 Thanks for your great posts…and for the smiles 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That is one of the kindest things I’ve ever heard…no pressure, but I am so grateful to know that you always make a point of reading and encouraging me to keep doing what I’m doing….you are a rare treasure…I’m so glad you’ve stayed gold, Soda Pop 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 3 people

  2. I had a coke named Adam yesterday…I felt as if I was about to ingest my grandchild (also Adam)……..not gonna go for the bugs and beer thing though….had a bug or twelve in Egypt and that was quite enough thanks very much.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I recently had a Coke with my name on it. It was a thrill:)
    The massive number of butterflies in one of those pavilion places is a little disturbing. Imagine if they had the same thing full of less cute bugs like cockroaches. That would a punishment:(

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love the idea of a cockroach pavilion… you could advertise it as nature’s scare room…. plus the open area would be very low maintenance… basically just a large garbage dump…. and the Smell holes could really SMELL

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!…I for some odd reason have always thought you were up in the northwest (Oregon or Washington)… Colorado is awesome although… at the hotel they told me that I could not smoke in my room… and then said “and this means Smoke ANYTHING”…


      1. I’m from Washington but moved to the Southwest (first Roswell NM, then a bit of time in Portland OR, then Durango CO, then Port Townsend WA, and finally back to Durango CO) around 2004.
        They are still working out the niceties of recreational usage and commercial spaces. It is doing great things for the State Budget (especially capital improvements for schools) so I cannot complain.

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Did you just pick the coke off the shelf? I didn’t know they had names on them (off the shelf ones I mean)… If I next miss home maybe I can have one customised for me, it seems to be quite the panacea. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. If I ever find myself in that area, I will have to check the Butterfly Pavilion out. Of course, if I find myself in Colorado, I might want to call the police and report myself kidnapped. After the butterflies.


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