Back in Isreal

I just arrived in Israel (yes I am here again…  feel like I just left).  I am back for work and everything about this trip is starting to feel familiar.   I am staying at the same hotel, Herods in Herzliya, and in fact they put me in the exact same room… I am not going to tell you the room number you will just have to believe me.  (You can see the hotel above in a photo I took this morning… and you can see my room in the photo below)

Israel Trip July 01

I know… the hotel and hotel room pictures are boring.  One of the things about travelling to the same place frequently is that all of the newness goes away.   I worry about sharing pictures of this trip with all of you because I have already shared so much.   What I hope is that even if you are familiar with my posts and especially the posts from Israel I will still be able to offer something interesting, surprising, and hopefully weird.   Often places that are very familiar can become “new and exciting” again if you just pay enough attention and try to truly see things.   (Our minds tend to tune out so much… especially when we are familiar with the place)

Israel Trip July 02

A colleague and I arrived in Israel very late last night… darn flight delays. (six hours delay in New York)   I didn’t feel like eating but he was “snack” hungry. (“Snack hungry” is a new term he taught me)   We stopped by a “familiar” place McDonald’s.  This seems to be very familiar even in Israel.

Israel Trip July 03

We realized that we were not exactly “home” when we tried to read the menu and noticed that everything was in Hebrew.  We were both taken aback by the strange combination of familiar icons and food images along side very unfamiliar letters.  My co-worker stated “you can’t even try to sound out the words”.

This was kind of interesting… Then… we looked closer…

Israel Trip July 04


It is not often you see a person in line before you with a live boa wrapped around his neck.   Notice the counter worker looking around to see if the snake was real.  I am not sure I would have looked or remained so calm.  We decided to wait back a bit until this young man left with his order… (wonder if he shared his food with his pet snake and if he did… is McDonald’s food safe for snakes?).

Israel Trip July 05

Today (this morning) I went for a small walk around familiar places including the beach on the north side of my hotel (Acadia)… really a fantastic beach.    A coworker from here said it is a “how you say it….  a cripple beach”.    I looked around the entrance to see if I could find a sign stating the beach’s accessibility in the same way as my co-worker… but no luck.   I hope I haven’t offended anyone.   I am sure this is one of those things lost in translation and I think what she meant was that it is handicap accessible.

Israel Trip July 06
This picture of all of the cheeses is to make my wife jealous. (Isabelle… I miss you already)

I followed up my walk with the now “familiar” and always “fantastic” breakfast…  and yes I am going to share again pictures of the wonderful breakfast my hotel offers.

Israel Trip July 07

Israel Trip July 08

Israel Trip July 09

Israel Trip July 10

Israel Trip July 11

Thanks for taking the time to read this!  I will try to post something new and interesting from this trip later this week!


19 thoughts on “Back in Isreal

  1. I made the mistake of reading your post while eating my breakfast. My Rice Krispies pale in comparison to your buffet options.
    I think visiting a familiar location is great for seeing things that weren’t a high enough priority the previous time.

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  2. As always, I love your posts (narrative and photos)…and, no need for the close up: I saw the snake right away (I’m phobic when it comes to snakes)…I would freak out (hopefully inside my head) and might have lost my appetite (knowing my greed, that’s a 50/50 supposition). Also, I loved your insight about how mindfulness can reveal what has been hiding in plain sight. I admire your sense of adventure mixed with your philosophical and multi-focal worldview. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. As I began reading that you were in the same hotel, in my mind I was saying “Will he share breakfast photos? He’d better have taken more breakfast photos!” You do not disappoint. 🙂 Also, that boa picture, certainly appropriately “weird!”

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