Weekend lizard hunting and dancing

I am late writing this… and I almost decided to skip this week.  BUT….  I decided that I had best keep with my blogging goal (at least once a week) and write about my weekend family hike…


Deer Creek 01
The boys pointing the way to go… This is a train stop for the Heber  Valley Railroad… or as we always called it the “Heber Creeper”… (didn’t know that “Heber Creeper” was not the real name… wonder if they changed it…. hmmm… Creeper is such a cool name)  I used to smash pennies on this track.

Before I begin… I just realized how fortunate for all of you who are still reading this that I didn’t just lay around in bed all weekend and watch TV… that would have made for a really boring post.    Warning this might not be any better than that…


Deer Creek 02
Here is the start of the trail… nice and shaded.

Isabelle has taken upon herself to ensure that the family becomes “active”.  She purchased a year pass to all of the state parks and being extremely “frugal” she is going to make sure that we get our value.   This weekend we hiked the Deer Creek trail starting from  Soldier Hollow. ( this is the place of the 2002 winter Olympics and right next to my childhood home)

Deer Creek 03

I do not believe this trail existed when I was a kid.   I remember just walking the railroad tracks.   At the beginning of the trail you can see a big rock.   If you look closely you will see the profile of a face.

Deer Creek 04



When I was a kid I remember the first time I  hiked up to this rock.   I was with a friend named John and he insisted that I sit in the “eye”.   Once I did he explained to me that this was a “cursed” rock.  If anyone sat in the eye… they would haunted by the spirit of a Indian warrior.   I laughed when he said it but inside I was really freaked out.   In fact if you add up all of the nights I woke up with nightmares of arrows being shot at me by this ghost I think I lost at least a weeks worth of sleep.  John liked to scare me.  I liked John…  but just not that part of him.  He was also the one that introduced me to the Ouija board with all of the related scary stories.   Not cool now that I think about it… and well I might be just as bad because I wanted to have my kids sit in the eye and tell the same story.

Deer Creek 06.jpg

When going on a hike it is important to heed all state park signs.  This one told us that we couldn’t have motor vehicles.  We also have to leave our pet dogs or our pet cows in the car… or maybe even home.  Yep this is a “cow free” trail… (Cows are always unfairly excluded)   The sign included a warning for snakes with a picture of a rattle snake.   I told the boys (Gwen didn’t come) that I was big enough to not to have to worry about the bite being fatal… but they would probably die within minutes.   (You can never be too careful).   The boys laughed off my warning… little did they know what lied just up the trail.

Deer Creek 05

YES… The first “wild” thing we saw was a snake!  and as far as the boys were concerned this was a “baby rattler”.   Not sure why they thought this other than they didn’t know what a gopher snake looked like and I happened to mention that it looked like a rattle snake. (Didn’t lie… it kind of looks like a rattle snake… without the rattle)

Deer Creek 07

I mentioned that I used to catch lizards here and the boys asked if they could catch and keep one.   I said sure.  (Isabelle gave me the  “look”)   With this as a new goal, the boys began showing real enthusiasm for the hike.   Lizards are pretty hard to catch and with my eyes they are now even more difficult to see.  Can you see the lizard in the picture above?

Deer Creek 08

Here is a close up…  can you see it now? Fortunately for me the boys chased many but were not able to catch one.   (Lizards stink and Isabelle would have been very angry with me for letting them believe they could keep one)

While the boys enjoyed the lizard hunting… (Next week we are bringing our blow guns) Isabelle and I enjoyed the view and the flowers.   Here are some of those pictures.


Deer Creek 09
This is looking north towards our weekend “bunker”… (Isabelle hates it when I call it that… she calls it our “Maison de Campagne”)

Deer Creek 13

Deer Creek 10
Looking South… towards the dam.   This is a reservoir.

Deer Creek 14


Deer Creek 11

Deer Creek 15

Deer Creek 12

Deer Creek 16

We hiked 4 miles round trip and the boys actually were making plans for the next weekend hike.   Isabelle and I were very happy that the children got out and spent some time away from all of their “screens”.   Both Ben and Sam at least were able to touch a lizard… Isabelle  said next hike we are going to bring hand sanitizer… and I re-lived some very dear childhood memories.  I use to “skinny dip” on this side of the lake.

Deer Creek 17

Here is the end of the trail and the end of this post.   Before I finish I wanted to share a video.   Ben and Isabelle went to a wedding reception later that evening and Ben proclaimed that he was the “KING OF DANCE”.   I hope you enjoy some of his “moves”.


10 thoughts on “Weekend lizard hunting and dancing

  1. One of my very favorite things about visiting your lovely state was the lizards! I was obsessed, couldn’t stop hunting for them and taking photos. Great scenery shots too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your glorious photos were immediately eclipsed by Ben!!!! I can barely stand how adorable he is!!!!!! And, I’m utterly enchanted by his dance moves…please tell him I said he’s got mad skills 🙂 Thanks for sharing beauty, and the best 🙂


      1. strangely, I am a little reluctant to go in it these days – I try and get over it by shouting a warning to all the snakes in there to go back to their houses – goodness knows what the campers think of me!

        Liked by 1 person

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