Weekend and Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to all of you fathers out there!  I want to share with you the wonderful day that I was able to have with my children and wife.   My children on this day reminded me how lucky I am to be their father.  It is very humbling to have such wonderful love shown to me in the form of words, gifts, and hugs.  I find myself again contemplating all of the “self improvements” I need to work on to be actually worthy of the title of father.  I am fortunate in that my kids don’t know better and accept me as I am.  (I still need to work on being a better father… even if they have low standards)

Fathers Day 00

Today was beautiful and began with a wonderful walk with Isabelle.   (It is nice that she helped me become a father and  it was  enjoyable… it is even nicer that she helps me become a better father every day… although maybe not as much fun… I told her in English what she did was called “nagging”… hope she doesn’t look that one up.).

Fathers Day 02

After our morning walk the kids were awake and were ready to start my day with gift giving.   I was not surprised that there were gifts since all of them had been talking non stop about my presents for at least a week.   I appreciate any gift (who doesn’t… ) but I especially love gifts that are made by hand.   I was not disappointed this years since each child made me a gift.

Fathers Day 09

My oldest daughter Hanna gave me this cactus in a colorful pot that she had “felted”.   I can’t wait to take this to work… I hope I don’t kill it!

Fathers Day 06

Fathers Day 07

Ben with the help of Gwen and Sam made me a father’s day shirt.   Isabelle was a bit worried that they added well… weird art all over it… (you can’t see but they drew arm pit hair under each sleeve)…. I love it… I think this is an odd picture of me wearing a scarf (Inky Dinky Do scarf)

Fathers Day 05

Gwen made me a wooden puzzle in shop.  I love the idea of her building this for me and who doesn’t love wooden puzzles.   This is already more than I expected but she offered me several other odd “accessory gifts”.

Fathers Day 03
Wood glue in case I broke the puzzle she made
Fathers Day 10
a “gummy monkey”… hmm?


Fathers Day 04
And last a “grow a Unicorn”…ya… I think she is just messing with me…

The last gift was from Sam.  He went to home depot and got some plastic pipes, spray paint, and electric tape.   He used all of this to make me a “blow gun”.   It is actually a lot of fun to shoot.  I think he must have already tried it out since the moment I put it to my mouth his little brother Ben yelled don’t shoot me it hurts.  (the darts are cones made from post it notes… I plan on upgrading these cones with needles and cotton… which will really hurt! )

Fathers Day 08

As you can see I have wonderfully creative children and I couldn’t be anymore proud and feel anymore loved.



18 thoughts on “Weekend and Father’s Day

  1. Of course they are creative, they are your kids! Mr. Ink would say “Some men just do better with a little nagging.” Happy Father’s day!


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