Weekend and Work Travel (Part 3 – Acre)

Acre (Akko)

The secrets of the city above and the city below.

-some… Tourist Brochure

Acre 07

Part 3 of my site seeing day is in Acre (Akko).   I “quoted” the tourist brochure because in Acre you will see an old city with an even older city buried below. (and because it is much more clever than anything I would have written)   The city below  is a preserved (brochure stated “perfectly”… but that is not completely accurate) Crusader city and you can witness all of the efforts that have been made to unearth it and bring it back to life.  You can also witness the influence of the city’s conquerors and their religions.  (Canaanites, Romans, Crusaders, Turks, and British)

I am going to try to offer a quick glimpse of the Acre through my pictures…  but I first I want to jump to my favorite place…   Latrine Hall

Acre 08.jpg
I love this image…   “Ummm…. Are you looking at me?”….

Acre 09

You will note that all of the toilets are placed in two rows… and the actual places you sit are “face to face”… kind of curious…but what I found even more fascinating… This “Latrine Hall” was were double deckered.  You are looking at the lower hall and there was a hall right above it.   Not sure I would have wanted to use the lower hall.   Oh ya… they used rain water to flush the waste down below into a large cavern… (This is a very dry place… and I imagine that their  “rain based flushing” was a very infrequent thing…   another reason not to use the lower hall)

Here are the rest of the pictures… hope you enjoy.

Acre 03
Entry into the old city

Acre 04


Acre 05
The fist courtyard is an amazing place to sit… not only because of it’s beauty but because of the shade

Acre 06


Acre 02
This stairway was completely buried and if I remember correctly in 2000 they started to excavated this area

Acre 12

From this new level (old city level) you can enter the buildings.   Entering these old buildings is amazing!   In the pictures you will be able to tell “original” from the new based upon how smooth the stones are.

Acre 01

Acre 10

Acre 11

Acre 13

Acre 14
We walked a long tunnel from one hall to another leading to an ancient church.  This part is probably the only uncomfortable part of the walk… (especially if you are claustrophobic)

In these pictures you will note the Ottoman empire influence on the city of Acre… including a clock tower… not sure what the clock towers have to do with Ottoman but this is the second one that I have seen in Israel attributed to the Ottomans… the other one I saw was in Jaffa.

Acre 15

Acre 16

Acre 17


Acre 18
That small island was called “Island of the Flies”…   wonder why?


Acre 19

Acre 22


Acre 20
Lunch…. I had a shawarma…


Acre 21

I will end with this tree…. look closely it is half embedded into the wall yet has a beautiful top…   fascinating!   I have one more post on my site seeing day in Israel… please come back.  (By the way Isabelle… Napoleon was unable to conquer Acre!!!)


22 thoughts on “Weekend and Work Travel (Part 3 – Acre)

    1. Sorry I read your comment quickly at work and didn’t pay attention to what you were saying… I think we are stuck on the latrine because it is the easiest for all of us to relate to… or we just have potty minds…


  1. The workmanship and artistry is amazing! The latrines intriguing. The tree growing in the wall…I want one! As always, thank you for bringing us along on your adventures through your words and images.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I smiled at the latrines..I wonder why westerners are always so amazed at the communal toilets? and shawarma is one of my favorite foods. I have an authentic recipe if you want to try it at home. Thanks for bringing back some pretty awesome memories for me.

    Liked by 1 person

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