Inky Dinky Do’s Scarf

Here is one of my all time favorite posts… (from another blogger). It is not just because I am mentioned in the post. This post shows the source of my alpaca scarf… (an alpaca) wearing the scarf made from its fibers!… I love the idea of that. If you haven’t read Claire’s blog I highly recommend it!!!

smallholding dreams


The wonderful and suitably weird Adam from weirdweekends sent me a scarf.

This is, however no ordinary scarf.

label.jpg I love the label

Some time ago I sent an alpaca fleece (Inky Dinky Do’s) and a Jacob shearling fleece over to the US as I thought he might like to use them in some of his weekend projects.

me and the scarf.jpg

All I can say about the scarf is wow. See his blog post here for a summary of the whole process and a list of all the individual posts where he explains how he washed and carded the fleece, then dyed it a variety of colours, spun it, plyed it and even evntually learnt to knit and knitted it.

This scarf is now one of my most treasured possessions not only because it is beautiful and snuggly, but because I know the extent of the journey it has been on – not just crossing…

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13 thoughts on “Inky Dinky Do’s Scarf

      1. Oh no, I mean you’ve pointed me in the direction of a blog to follow, smallholding dreams. I apparently have missed her blog thus far, but am very happy to have a new one to follow!

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      1. Yes we did the stretch out with pulleys method. We had a whole team there to help since we had 40 alpacas and a llama to shear. And only 4 hours before the team has to leave for the next farm!
        We trashed all the seconds (necks, tummies, and leg hair), Joanne (the owner) keeps all the first cuts of a certain micron count but the rest is up for grabs. I’ve got 5 new fleeces to send off to the mill on Monday!

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