Weekend and Work Travel (Part 1)

Get ready… (please insert your own sound of excited anticipation… if you have a sound for that… or…  a nice high pitched squeal or breathy gasp would do…)

Rosh HaNikra

As promised in the last post… I am telling everyone where I am.   For those of you who are not familiar with the above mentioned place or who do not recognize the feature picture…  I am in Israel!    I have returned back to the same hotel in Herzliya (Herods)  and will be here for the next week.

ARRIVAL – Saturday evening sunset with my back to the hotel looking out at the sea…
Herods 2
FIRST MORNING – Sunday morning sunrise view from my hotel bedroom.   I took this at 6:00 a.m. as I anxiously waited for the “site seeing” day before me. (we left 1 and a half hours later… and I honestly felt that I  had waited forever)

I will be working all week but fortunately have one day to get as much site seeing in as possible.   I will post this day in a series and this is the first part… Rosh HaNikra.   You know you are visiting somewhere awesome when you have no idea how to say the places name and when that name has an extra odd ball capital letter  “N” in the middle  of it.

Rosh HaNikra 01
Israel and Lebanon border!… when the solder opened the gate several kids ran onto the Lebanese part and then quickly back.  They all claimed victory stating they just visited Lebanon.  I was soooo jealous… but I just could not do it… the guy opening the gate had a machine gun.

Rosh HaNikra 02

Rosh HaNikra is right on the boarder of Lebanon and Israel (205 km from Jerusalem and 120 km from Beirut… can’t believe I dropped off the 2 and the arrow on the left side).  It is on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and has white cliffs with amazing grottoes!

Rosh HaNikra 03.jpg

Here I am looking down from the top of the cliffs at a shoreline that is breathtaking… even the road on the left is interesting… love the way it is carved down into the rocks. (no mocking… I really do think the road looks cool).  If you think looking over a cliff is cool… Wait…  this gets much better…   We went over and down the cliff on a cable car that claims to be the steepest in the world. ( a gradient of 60 degrees)

Rosh HaNikra 04

Rosh HaNikra 08

Rosh HaNikra 05

Rosh HaNikra 06

Rosh HaNikra 07

At the bottom the fun doesn’t stop not only do you get a better view of the water… and the white chalky cliffs…   there are “GROTTOES”.   (Grottoes…  what a an awesome word… much more manly than the word “caves”).   I loved walking through the grottoes and seeing the blues of the water contrasted against the white chalky walls.   As I looked closer the myriad of colors became more and more amazing.  Again I feel poorly equipped to offer descriptions that truly represent what I saw… So I am going to just share a bunch of pictures.  (Yes… less words… I am imagining you sighing in relief right now)

Rosh HaNikra 09

Rosh HaNikra 10

Rosh HaNikra 11

Rosh HaNikra 12

Rosh HaNikra 14

Rosh HaNikra 15
The two guys in blue (matching… and I am sure it was planned) are co-workers… Let’s call them “Nate” and “Sean”…

Rosh HaNikra 17

Rosh HaNikra 19

Rosh HaNikra 18

Rosh HaNikra 20

Rosh HaNikra 21

Rosh HaNikra 22

Rosh HaNikra 24

Rosh HaNikra 23

Rosh HaNikra 25

Rosh HaNikra 26

It is hard to pick out the best pictures… and not just share all of them.   (wished I could share all but I think I might have close to 100… a tad too many )

This is the end of part 1…  keep an eye open… (or browser) for part 2!


14 thoughts on “Weekend and Work Travel (Part 1)

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous place! The grottoes are amazing. I think I’d have a hard time with the cable car though. Did you stand for just a moment with half of you in Israel and half in Lebanon? Please say you did:) It’s what I would want to do:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know exactly where you are and it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. And even though the IDF guys are wonderful, they WILL use those machine guns. What are you doing there and will you please send for me to come too? I LOVE Israel!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The cliffs, the grottoes, the blue water! How amazing. Also, doesn’t it just look like the set of some Mission Impossible film or something?!

    Liked by 1 person

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