Leaving again… But first a small hike!

I am just about to get on another airplane and fly away from my family.   I am going to share more about that in coming posts… (hmmm  reading this back made me realize my subtle attempt at getting all of you to come back and read my posts… isn’t that subtle.)

JuneHike 01

Before I leave I want to post the last activity I did with my family… (kind of a… I feel guilty for leaving them… so I better do a “quality” time activity).   Isabelle chose our family “quality time” activity…. Hiking.   (I like hiking… the kids are a little bit more ambivalent)

JuneHike 02

Here we are on the start of our 1-2 mile hike…   This part of the trail is mainly in the scrub oak… I like scrub oak…just don’t find it as beautiful as pines and  aspens.   I told the kids they need to help me find some “Nettle” (left off the “Stinging” part).  I want to use it for some natural dyeing… and told them they would have to pick it and carry it for me since I am “allergic”.

JuneHike 03

Isabelle looked it up on her phone and realized I was talking about “ortie” and informed the kids that they would not be “helping” me until next time.   (She informed them they would need gloves and bags to carry the plants back in…  all of this of course ruining my fun)

JuneHike 05

As the trail moved up the canyon (Snake Creek Canyon) we left the scrub oak and entered into the pines and aspens.   I find this incredibly beautiful and this brings me back to childhood camping memories.   This trail passes the cabin of one of the early Swiss settlers of Midway (Johannes Huber).  This cabin and creamery were built in 1878 and along the trail there are small plaques describing his farm or small parts of the Huber family life.

JuneHike 04

Here is an example… and on it is an old recipe.   I love finding old medicinal recipes.    This is a treatment for Bronchitis and Asthma… made from whisky and pine oil.   I really want to try this… even though I suffer from neither.  Someone reading this… give it a try… and let me know how it works.  (if it kills you… don’t sue me)

JuneHike 06

They are calling us to board the plane… so I must go… I will publish this without proof reading it… Boy am I living on the edge… The last picture is of us “hiking” back… With the hopes you will come back to my blog…

 I promise to have pictures from my trip…. (not going to tell you where… )

Update: ( did this on the plane)

Isabelle asked me to post a picture of myself… And then she texted me this one… Of course my cheeks are puffed out while I am trying to blow a snake grass whistle… What is worse…. It wouldn’t whistle….


8 thoughts on “Leaving again… But first a small hike!

  1. Such beautiful scenery and another heart-warming post….safe travels (forgive the brevity of my comments–I’m just about over a freakishly brief-but brutal–cough/cold that ambushed several of us at work). However, it’s taken a (temporary) toll–so, I purposely came looking for you before losing what little energy I could muster πŸ™‚

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