Weekend with Weird Talk and Cat Toys

I love long weekends and this weekend was fantastic!   Sometimes I feel like my words trivialize the fun we actually had… or… maybe I am just looking for excuses to not have to really write anything meaningful here.   (Today I listened to a “real” author talk about what it takes to write a novel and I realized that I am so clueless.. umm… don’t take that too far…  what I meant is that I am clueless about writing… I know other stuff… lots of other stuff)

Family Felting 09

The weekend started with Isabelle and I taking a nice walk and realizing that they have already started the free Saturday concerts at the Homestead.   That night a fantastic band named “Q’d Up” was playing.   (Jazz bands often have stupid names)  Next week a blue grass – Celtic -folk band will play. (you think they would pick a genre)   I remember the first time I took Isabelle to a “blue grass” concert.  I could see her French mind trying to process what she was hearing and halfway through the first song she asked me “What language are they speaking”…   I told her “hillbilly”…  she was very curious about this newly discovered patois… I finally confessed that they just have a really strong accent.

Family Felting 08
Hanna sneaking up on Gwen and Sam… trying to scare them.   I had told them that most likely a badger was in that cave… and badgers are dangerous.

Let me get back to this weekend… My kids were very excited since their older sister Hanna was driving up to Midway to spend time with us and to have some fun with felt.  (All I have to say is who would not want to come have fun with felt… )

Family Felting 01

Hanna had priced some felt cat toys and was complaining about how expensive they were so I invited her up and told her that along with the other kids we would make them.   I got out all of my wool odds and ends and four felting needles.   I knew there was going to be some finger poking and maybe some blood…  but like the “real” author said… every story needs conflict.

Family Felting 02

Being a good dad I worried about their fingers especially with Ben (my 7 year old).   I got out the duck tape and wrapped their “wool holding” fingers.   I told Ben they were “Robot Fingers”.   I reasoned that even if they did poke their fingers this should stop the needle from going too deep… hopefully avoiding blood stains on the carpet.

Family Felting 03

Well… unfortunately… despite the duck tape there was finger poking and blood. On the bright side… no carpet stains.   Ben took this poke like a brave little man…  and I took note of his little conversation.

Ben:  “I have blood all over my fingers”.

Hanna:  “Ya… that is what happens when you are doing this.”

Ben:  “Yep… it happens when you are having fun”…. several seconds later… “Papa… Can I get my fingers double wrapped?”

Family Felting 04
Ben’s cat… you can also see his double duck taped thumbs up!

I remember my grandfather secretly recording my siblings and I as we had our “odd” conversations… you know the ones that all kids have…  I have always wondered why he did this and now as I listened to their conversations I realized how funny kids can be.  I decided to take notes as I watched them poke wool… and I am going to share with you some of the “highlights”.

Gwen:  “What do you think of mine, Father”

Hanna:  “You call him ‘Father’?”

Sam:   “What should we call you Papa?”

Me:  “How about lord”… (not the sacrilege… the feudal lord)

Gwen:   “Ok… LARD”

Ben:  “OH!… that is even worse than what I call him”

Family Felting 07
Gwen made an alpaca… called it “Inky Dinky Do”… of course.. and stated “My alpaca has boobs”

Gwen:  “I am getting sick of doing this… it takes forever”

Sam:  “Gwen, when did you learn the virtue of not being patient?”

Bendidn’t say anything… just farted

Gwen:  “EWWW…  it’s spicy… Hanna can you smell it?”

Hanna: “I am not going to breath in with my nose”

Ben:  “I don’t know why I do it…”

Family Felting 06
Hanna’s felt ball and felt octopus/spider thingy.

Gwen (quoting from her civil war reenactment):   “the lord’s will be done… we have achieved the greatest victory in this war.  I have no regrets of my approaching death.  I fell in defense of my country”…

none of us were sure of why she started quoting this

Sam:  “Roasted!… ” small pause… “union scum”

Ben:  “Sam stop being a German tactic”

Hanna:   Laughing uncontrollably…

Ben: “why are you laughing with your big mouth”

Sam: “that is racist”

Family Felting 05
Sam’s felt balls… and of course being 12 he said “papa… look at my balls”

Ben:   mumbling and saying something incomprehensible…

Hanna:    “Ben what did you just say with your big mouth”

Ben:  “Boom roasted! by your big mouth”

Gwen:  “What does Hanna need most in life?”

Ben:  “A heart or maybe a brain”

Hanna:  “Felting is tearing my family apart”

Family Felting 10
Some odd pink “red nosed” mouse…   this might actually scare the cat instead of entertaining it.

I think I will stop the conversation stuff… I think it is one of those things that is much more enjoyable when you are actually sitting and watching them.   We had a very enjoyable time and then Hanna said good bye and went home.  As soon as she got home she sent us a picture of her cat enjoying our “homemade felt toys”…


Family Felting 11
Every blog needs pictures of cats… and this is my second!   You will note that the red nose is already gone

I also felted a little bit… although I preferred just sitting back listening and watching them occasionally poke their fingers.  By the way… double layered duck tape does do the trick.  Here is what I made… pebbles…. I think I want to make a pebble rug. (Have about 100 more to do) What do you think?

Felting 10

I hope all of you had as wonderful a weekend as I did!…




15 thoughts on “Weekend with Weird Talk and Cat Toys

  1. The first thought that came to mind was, that’s the epitome of Family Happiness. Helps that it is also one of my favourite books. Your kids are very mature and serious, calling you Father with a capital F…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another delightful post…and, I loved your children’s narrative…they are so fun-loving and willing to engage in novel pursuits…oh, to have grown up in a home like yours…I imagine I would have discovered/embraced my quirkiness long before now 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂 Oh, and the pebbles are so lovely, but, the cat stole my heart 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I love this – and I love the mini inky dinky do (it looks just like her) – actually I think that the real inky might have boobs too – according to our shearers who say she is fat (!). I wish I recorded the strange things that kids ask me on egg collection/animal feeding – sometimes it is hilarious – their minds work in strange and mysterious ways 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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