Last pictures from France

I have been home for almost a week… boy it is nice to be home.   I do miss France already and I want to share some “final” family vacation pictures.   I have already posted “typical” tourist pictures… and have saved “my kind of pictures” for this last post.  I hope you enjoy these unconventional vacation pictures.

WPD France 01

We took the TGV last Sunday to Paris the night before our flight home.   Isabelle’s sister and nephew took us to the train station and you can see them in this “selfie”… (is it still a selfie if there is a group?)

WPD France 02

I love the TGV and they have an interesting  advertisement campaign this year.   Here is an example of one of those advertisements.  Ben and I decided we could create one as well using a phone and Gwen.  (Ben’s sister… while she was sleeping)


WPD France 03
Sorry GWEN



WPD France 03
We love you…. Gwen… couldn’t resist… and had to post it twice…  (never gets old)


I have more advertisements…. I saw one for an Opera the first day I arrived in Strasbourg.  I am not much of an Opera guy… but if this publicity is anything close to the actual opera I really want to see it.

WPD France 04
I wonder if severed head “kissing” causes this opera to receive a Mature Audience rating

This was not the only “gore” based advertisement.  I saw another and at first I thought it had been “vandalized”… As I looked closer I realized that it had not been… it was designed this way.  (oh those edgy French)

WPD France 05

Kind of gross huh…

WPD France 06

Speaking of gross…  This is the toilet paper at my mother in laws house.   The “Soft & Saugstark” made me wonder… what is “saugstark”?   I decided to “google translate” this…

WPD France 07

I had assumed that “saugstark”  was German… but google tells me that it is Norwegian for “Juicy”.   I was using “SOFT and JUICY” toilet paper…  hmm   Gross.

Boy… I know this is random… and it is only going to get worse…

WPD France 08
This sign makes me laugh… “French but wild”…  Made me think of a new coffee table book title… “Where the wild things are… France”
WPD France 09
I drove by this tree in a small village… I thought it was paint at first… but it is actually wrapped in some kind of fabric
WPD France 10
Sam took this one for me…   Maybe just a bit too much detail?… I think I  we all get the idea…   the yellow part is not needed.
WPD France 11
In walking I noticed these ridged tiles every where… finally figured out they were for the blind… they show… (by texture) where to cross the street  and the nearest one shows where to catch the bus
WPD France 12
Do you every wonder where “delinquent” light poles hang out?
WPD France 13
SDF means “Homeless”… and this was on the front of a store.  Not sure I understand exactly what this all means… lots of “X”s… but the two that aren’t…  what do they mean… You can hug and charge batteries in their store?
WPD France 14
Bartholdi’s home town… Colmar.   Strange to see a model of the statue of liberty in the middle of the road.
WPD France 15
hmmm…. is this bad? or am I a bad person because I think it looks cool?
WPD France 16
Sometimes I wished I didn’t speak/read French… I would have assumed that this was a sign that didn’t allow mimes… or invisible walls constructed by mimes
WPD France 17
Ya… I can handle anger… but “rage’ scares me…
WPD France 18
This was in the front door of a store… I am not sure what it is suppose to do or be….there is something oddly suspicious about this fake dog
WPD France 19
Here is a frozen yogurt store… pretty cute… except the odd milk wavy thing in the middle…
WPD France 20
Here is a product called “eat me”…   do you think it is food?  Sure would be a horrible name if it was hand soap or worse rat poison!
WPD France 21
Everyone to the ice skating rink!   Babies included… Boy are they “customer greedy”… anything for a dollar… (don’t worry baby heads are soft… nothing bad can happen)
WPD France 22
This is a “PSYCHOGENEALOGISTE” office… I had never heard of this before.   I asked Isabelle if you went there and a “PSYCHIC” told you about your ancestors.   She says this was a “PSYCHAITRIST” who tells you which ancestor you can blame for all of your mental illnesses… (not sure which is worse)

This is all for France… Hope there was at least one picture that made you smile!


23 thoughts on “Last pictures from France

    1. Thanks Annie! I imagine those delinquent lights are talking about all sorts of things…

      How to “turn on” the cute lamp down the street
      They heard of “flashlights” and are daring each other to flash a passerby

      (the puns are getting old… sorry)
      But I know they are planning something stupid… they are not very “bright”


  1. Yes I get you and “your kind of pics”!😜 Somehow you’ve gone kinda dark and gruesome for this one, so am seeing a different side to your split personality which is a little scary. The “soft and juicy” got to me, and for a moment there I actually thought that it was a side swipe at the human anatomy that the paper would ordinarily come in contact with… Although I must say the group selfie is still very touristy (and yes, there is a thing called group selfie).


  2. Seems many farmers are now growing the rapeseed (used to make canola oil). That first photo with the eye-popping yellow flowers… in any case, the fabric covered tree may be the site of a “yarn bombing” in which rogue knitters decide to “decorate” something (a tree, a gate, a bench, a rock, a car, bus or tank) with knitting. In any case, it looks like you guys had an awesome vacation.


    1. This is the first time in this field I have seen rapeseed… (wife included who grew up next to this field)… typically it is either corn, sugar beets, or wheat. I like the ides of rogue knitting… hmmm. It was an awesome vacation thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Office is back to normal …(interviewed someone and they laughed at me… plus had an executive introduce me to another saying… “he is in the pretty office”.) I held a “yard sell”… (giveaway)… lots of dads/moms telling me that their daughter would loves little pony… and the stuff disappeared in an hour

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Enjoyed each of these. I think the homeless can grab a cup of coffee and hug someone, while charging his or her phone. But all that other stuff is just nonsense, hence the reason they cannot do it there 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my gosh, how I enjoy the random relevance of your photos and narrative….unerringly charming…fascinating and endearing….you never fail to stir the imagination and deliver laughs. And what I would’t give for a tree as lovely as the one wrapped in fabric (I’m not sure my neighbors would appreciate my efforts to replicate it….I’m not that kind of artistic). Thanks for another great post….good thing you have a book title, ’cause the world needs you to make that dream come true–we are in dire need of creativity, adventure, and reminders that life is what you make it….and, you make it delightful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Another comment that makes me feel happy… I am going to one day make a book just with all of your comments and anytime I am feeling blue… I can randomly open a page and read… and instantly feel good. I hope you are able to share some of your special word “sunshine” with yourself… you “truly” disserve to be as happy as you make all of us feel.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for making me smile….I’m happy to know i can give something back to thank you for bringing joy to others….and, whenever I am feeling down on myself, I will reflect on your lovely wish for me. Thanks for making my day 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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