Paris France 2017

I would like to share a day last week when our family visited Paris! I know I might roll some eyes  by saying this (should I have said make some eyes roll?)… HERE GOES… by the end of this day I was completely sick of Paris… I think if I could have blindfolded myself and made it back to our hotel safely… I would have.  At the end of the day I didn’t want to hear… see… smell… touch anything that had to do with Paris.  I had become the “Paris Grinch”…  Paris… Bah humbug… (I should have hash-tagged that)

I do not think I have every felt this way because it is an amazing place and in the past I have always wished I could spend more time visiting things.   I think the kids drained all of my energy and all of my enthusiasm…  ya… I am going to blame them.

I have been quite busy and a little bit lazy when it comes to “blogging”… think that is the kids fault as well… so I am going to just share some pictures with very little commentary.

Paris 09.jpg
What visit to Paris doesn’t include some RER and Metro time…  This time I let the kids try to figure out where we had to get off.   (I didn’t let them miss guess…)
Paris 10
This is down in the metro… had to share this picture because it reminded me of a “cheesy” family musical…   you can just imagine the kids with mom spontaneously starting to sing with a choreographed dance up the escalator…   plus I almost fell on my butt since I was standing backwards and I was at end of the escalator…   (I think that is why you see the smiles)

Paris 30

Paris 00
First site… some old metal tower…   It is really hard to get a “close-up” picture of Tour Eiffel that looks good.


Paris 07
We took the stairs since it had a shorter ticket line…   The kids enjoyed the “hike”
Paris 08
and.. well we didn’t mind (at least that is what we told ourselves)…  it is quite the walk
Paris 02
I think this picture of Ben shows everyone how we felt about the view… and this is only the first level.
Paris 12
Next boat tour on the Seine…
Paris 13
You are guaranteed to see some amazing sites… plus you are sitting for an hour and the kids are trapped in a small limited area…
Paris 14
Notre Dame…   several years back a kid… a very mean child… Said I looked like the hunch back of Notre Dame.
Paris 15
And yes… nearly naked Parisians…


Paris 17
Maybe a better picture of the Tour Eiffel?


Paris 18
The bridges are truly amazing… hmmm   maybe a coffee table book?… nah… too pedestrian
Paris 06
I thought the lines were horrible at the Tour Eiffel… this is the line for Versailles… and this is after you have spent time in line for the tickets.  We decided we were going to “forgo” this must see place… Gwen, my daughter, is still mad at me.
Paris 19
Here we are at Notre Dame.   Way back in the late 80s I would buy a gyro on a baguette topped with fries and eat it here.  I did this quite often.  I started to remember this wonderful time in my life losing myself in nostalgia. I tried to share this “dad back in the day moment”.   Guess what…  the kids didn’t care 😦
Paris 22
I love the old metro stops…  look closely at the glass lamps… love the orange-crimson glass against the blue green metal
Paris 23
Next the Louvre… but before we enter…
Paris 24
The kids had to stop at… as embarrassing as this is to admit… McDonalds.  (I tried to get them to eat a gyro by Notre Dame)
Paris 21
Louvre entrance under the glass pyramid
Paris 05
Like the 1000s of other tourist we had to ignore all of the other amazing art so we could hurry and find the Mona Lisa…  (I think the only painting my kids knew)
Paris 25
I prefer this statue (Winged Victory of Samothrace… really stupid name) over the “Venus de Milo”…   I don’t think my kids know about either one…


Paris 27
Many of these painting I am sure you have seen in books… but seeing them in all of their grandeur is amazing… My kids ran past this (The Coronation of Napoleon) on their way to the Mona Lisa


Paris 26
The Louvre is amazing floor to ceiling…


Paris 28
Here is my favorite ceiling… and sad to say I can’t remember what is on the walls…


Paris 29
We couldn’t leave without spending time in Isabelle’s favorite part… the Egyptian section…

umm… I think that is a lot of pictures… I hope you enjoyed them.   (I can’t post anymore… I am getting that sick of Paris feeling again… maybe I developed some strange phobia)

My recommendation… take at least a week to visit Paris… don’t try to cram everything into one day.






14 thoughts on “Paris France 2017

  1. Nice pics! Seemed like the weather has been in your favour. Liked how you’re more interested in taking pics of other tourists taking pics… Did you manage to catch any cherry blossoms under the Eiffel? That seems to be a favourite for wedding pics. It’s the end of the cherry blossom season in Japan… (I’m pulling my hair out for missing the best part of it).

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  2. The Temple story was interesting though I didn’t get to comment. I regret not taking the opportunity to tour a temple that opened in our community. It’s exterior is beautiful. I loved your Paris post because it was a recap of my trip, of which we did in two days (even climbed those Eiffel stairs-trying to get to the very tip top.) It’s one of the places we would love to go back to for at least a week. Hopefully one day. 🙂

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  3. Your pain is our gain…thanks for taking one for the team! The sights are so glorious and you more than did them justice!!! And your escalator commentary made me laugh so hard inside 🙂 Lastly, I love the photos of your family in the Metro–and Ben’s “Home Alone” face 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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