Visit to the Paris, France Temple

One of the reasons we chose to visit France in April was to be able to visit the open house of the new Paris France Temple.   This is the first temple in France for my faith and in the past members would have to travel out of the country if they wanted to visit the temple… (i.e.   being married in the temple… this is the answer to many prayers here…).   I would like to share some pictures from our visit.

Temple 01

The temple is located in Versailles actually right next to the castle of Versailles as you can see from the map.  The temple is very beautiful and I am not sure that my pictures can actually do it justice….   Here is a video I found on YouTube that shows the temple and it’s interior:

Is anyone else nervous when they take their children somewhere nice?  I was really nervous especially with Ben.   AND… well… Ben decided that he didn’t want to be with the rest of the family.   We called, pleaded, bribed but he moved to the front of the group… we were in the back (trying to not embarrass ourselves… we were in a VIP tour… and well we are not very “VIP”).  Ben oblivious to what others think insisted on standing as close to the guide as possible (sometimes embarrassingly close).  I kept waiting for him to do or say something out of place…but this is as far as his rebellion went. (fortunately… I had horrible visions of him breaking things or saying horribly inappropriate things during the tour).   At the end he gave the guide a huge hug… (kind of weird huh?… must get that from his mom)

temple 02
Here is a temple grounds map… I stole from another site.  The bottom of the map is the front… and the gardens are in the back.

I honestly loved this visit… (even with the “Ben stress”).  I have so many distraction in my life… it is nice to go somewhere that brings peace and enables me to take a step back and contemplate on what is really important… like my family and my personal spirituality.  The temple is always something very sacred and special to me… even if it is just touring a new one.

After the visit we took pictures around the temple in the gardens.  Interior pictures were not allowed (that is why I included the video).   In the visitors center there was a model of the temple that had the walls cut away.

I will share those pictures first:

Temple 06
This is just inside of the gardens  looking at the side of the temple.  You can see one of my favorite parts… the spiral staircase under an incredibly beautiful stain glass ceiling.  (I think you can see this.. if not… the video does show it)
Temple 04
If I remember correctly this is a view from the other side.  You can see the baptismal font at the bottom…  I think in the middle floor you are looking at the bridal room… and on the top you see the ordinance rooms.
Temple 05
This is the from front of the temple.  You can see the main lobby.. (not sure that it is called that) and on the floor above the Celestial room.

I wished I could have taken pictures inside.   There are so many interesting details that make up this building… including details that serve as interesting religious metaphors.   A good example of this is found in the stain glass windows.   On the bottom floors the flowers are buds and as you move up towards the top floors they are in full bloom…  showing the potential of all men and women.   They also have two sets of doors when you enter the temple.   The outer doors are decorated with colorful stain glass depicting flowers while the inner doors have the same flowers but are in etched glass (white and clear)… this is meant to depict temporal and spiritual realms.  The stain glass is truly amazing and was done by an artist in Utah… (Isabelle has met him)

Temple 07
This was taken from the visitors building… Don’t worry we are not breaking any rule here.
Temple 08
Not a great picture but one that shows the “etched” glass… again this is in the visitors center.

Finally here are some of the garden pictures:

Temple 09

Temple 10

Temple 12

Temple 13

Temple 14

That is all of my pictures…   If by chance you are in Paris… April 22 – May 13…  I would highly recommend a visit…. ( Public open house and you can reserve free tickets here ).  Once the temple is dedicated it will not be open to the general public.  (sorry)


11 thoughts on “Visit to the Paris, France Temple

  1. Gorgeous building and grounds! The stained glass is stunning. The attention to detail and meaning is amazing.
    Kids are curious critters. They behave better than you expect when you worry they won’t and lose their manners when you least expect it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful place! Sacred spaces have a certain aura about them and that definitely comes through in the video & your pictures. As for Ben, sometimes our kids surprise us by not doing the thing we know they’re perfectly capable of doing. In my family that’s usually a sign of getting older/maturity – he’s growing up!


  3. Oh, Ben is a soul after my own heart (the hug is toooooo endearing…and, I am delighted by the imagining of him standing “inappropriately close to the guide”…equally gratifying is the thought of you watching, warily, with bated breath 🙂 ) As for the video and photos, thank you, thank you, thank you….and, thank you for sharing the context for your faith….it is such a privilege to get to know more about you….you are marvelous 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your posts are always too cool for school. 😎 I’m not religious but love visiting places of worship, just to feel the calmness seep into my bones. If I were the guide, I wouldn’t have minded a bear hug from such a cute little cub.

    Liked by 1 person

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