Weekend Knitting (Manly… Knitting)

This weekend Isabelle taught me to knit.   Hmm… As hard as this is to say,  I am going to admit that I kind of liked it.  It is definitely not as fun as poking things (again don’t take that wrong… see last weekends post Weekend Felting) but knitting is enjoyable.   I am struggling internally with my newly found fondness for knitting… (does this mean I completely lose my man card?).  

Just to set things square… My goal is not necessarily to become a “Good Knitter”.  I want to become a “MANLY KNITTER“.   This idea came from watching a video this weekend on the web titled “How to knit like an Icelandic man“.  This man whose name is impossible to say “Þórgnýr” says he makes up for his difficult name by “being a very good (and manly) knitter”.  I don’t care about being  good at knitting (although I do believe anything worth doing is worth doing well) but I do care about being manly.  This means I am altering Isabelle’s patient teaching to fit my manly ego… i.e.  dropping all of cutesy names and replacing them with manly words like saying front knotting and back knotting… and refusing to wrap the yarn around my pinky.   All mistakes I made were really just my way of creating a manly “distressed” look. (Isabelle drew the line with this and many times… more than I want to admit… undid my work to fix the weird holes or lumps that comes from my manly knitting).

knitting 2

Here you can see me starting a “manly” scarf out of the alpaca yarn I have created.   Isabelle picked out the needles and I am mad that there were no black or brushed steel colored needles (manly needles)…  I was told that she picked the size and that was the color I was stuck with.  (pretty lame)  As you can see I am starting with the “wine” dyed yarn and I am just guessing at width.

knitting 2.5  I like the uneven look that my “art” yarn (or uneven poorly done hand spun yarn) gives to this scarf.  It also hides the “perfection” of my knitting… (Isabelle had already fixed three big problems by now)  I decided to change yarn at this point to a mix of wine and avocado yarn (2 ply – one wine one avocado).

knitting 3

Finally I move to only avocado dyed 2 ply yarn. This is 100% alpaca.. no wool is being blended with the alpaca fibers and I wondered if that would be ok. I asked Isabelle since I would not know if the yarn was not “elastic” enough for knitting.   She told me that the yarn works great.  (She is french so I don’t have to worry about her just saying that to spare my feelings… french never “spare feelings”). 

This is as far as I got this weekend not because I couldn’t do more knitting but because I ran out of spun yarn.  Because I have ended here…  I have decided to transition from this pink to the natural white. This is part “design decision” and part lazy running out of dyed fibers.  I washed more alpaca and carded it preparing for the spinning.

knitting 4

Here are the two colors (natural white and avocado pink) next to each other.  I think I will do the next section of the scarf with a white/pink ply and the finish the scarf with all white.  Any thoughts?… (kind of tempted to see if I can end the scarf with a chocolate dye… if that is possible)

JUST AN FYI… I have not been around for a week and I have missed reading all of your blogs.  My excuse is that this has been a crazy week for me at work.  I am not sure if you have ever felt like you are treading water… barely able to keep your head from going under… and then just when you think it can’t get worse… someone flushes.  This was my week at work… not that I am comparing my work to swimming in a toilet.    I have been given a new assignment… (replacing someone who was brillant) and with this new assignment I  am probably for the first time at my current job feeling less than confident.  Don’t read this wrong… I am incredibly excited… just humbled and I know that I have a lot to do and even more to learn.   (Hopefully this means growth… not failure)  I don’t want to go into too much details… bore you with my work… but wanted all of you to know I will be back reading your words and loving it.


31 thoughts on “Weekend Knitting (Manly… Knitting)

  1. You get funnier all the time…you could be a stand-up comedian…I love the way you tell a story/adventure (*and, I can hear you saying you couldn’t possibly stand on a stage and share like you do in your posts….I could be wrong*). I love the wine-dyed yarn (photo #1)..the color is warm and creamy…Isabelle sure is a trouper…teaching knitting would require a good deal of patience, I imagine….love this post and the visuals…thanks for posting 🙂

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  2. You couldn’t have picked a more manly color for your man scarf! (I kid – anyone can wear punk.) I just wanted to let you know that historically, lots of men knit. The example that always comes to mind for me is that those heavy aran sweaters from the British isles were originally knit by men, fishermen, IIRC. There are other historical examples, I’m sure! There are contemporary examples as well, and here I always think of a guy I went to college with who’s a great knitter – he knits sweaters for his wife and just finished an intarsia sweater for himself based on the horror movie The Thing. You are not alone!

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  3. You’ll love knitting. It’s great for doing when you’re doing something else like watching tv or a movie, helping kids with homework or talking on the phone. Have you joined Ravelry? There are loads of men who knit groups on Ravelry. You will find like minded men there.
    Your yarn and scarf are fantastic! You’ll do great!
    Good luck with work:)

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  4. That yarn looks scrumptious knit up! (Not a very manly description, sorry.) It’s going to make a fantastic scarf.

    I have a male cousin who is a carpenter by trade, who hunts and fishes, who carves wooden spoons out of logs with just a hatchet and two simple tools, who wears a very large beard and pretty much has an afro, always wears flannel and looks like a lumberjack….and he knits. So, I think if knitting is manly enough for him, it’s manly enough for anyone.

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  5. Knitting can be very manly; it proves a man can take instructions from a woman! You’ve just proven your manhood to the rest of us initial doubters. Besides I’m a sucker for soft things, and that looks incredibly soft…
    As to treading water, yes, we’ve all been there doing the dog paddles… Hope you get through the hump!

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