Home at last…(Cruise ends)

Sometimes good things have to end and so it is for my cruise with Isabelle.   Today I went to work and realized that I need a rest break after that vacation.  ( and no… I am not talking about a rest break from my wife… ).  Most of the cruise pictures were serious… and that is a little bit out of character for me so I wanted to summarize this “cruise vacation” with a series of weird pictures. (Hopefully they are weird… I lost the weird contest so I am worried that I am loosing my touch)

The boat had lots of original art work… and several art auctions… Here is a fine example and although it is not on velvet… it should have been…  
Here is more art… not sure why the eyes are x’d out… “Knock out his teeth”?   (That is mean)
And you can see that the fun doesn’t end once the teeth have all been knocked out!!!  We have an artist who really hates clowns
Speaking of clowns… doesn’t this vacuum look like it should be used by a clown.   By the way… isn’t the carpet horrible on the ship?
There were lot’s of signs… my wife found this weird.   This was on the running track… but it was not the weirdest thing I saw while on the track.
Is this a warning… or instructions for some weird tagging game.
I noticed these evacuation stations. At first this looked fun… almost like you were sliding down an esophagus…
Then the second sign showing the do’s and don’ts of esophagus travel… scared me.   This looks way to complicated and I can’t tell what the one on the left is doing wrong. 
Speaking of danger… would you sit at a beach that had this sign?   A niece of ours recommended that we go to this beach in St. Martin.. stating that it is the best beach because  planes land and take off right next to it.  I think she might have something against us


Here are more signs from the track…  They do everything to get you to spend more money… but this seems extreme stating that I had best spend it now… since I may not last


It is good to know that you can’t dump garbage into the sea… You would think the sign would just leave it at that… but it had to list that there were “allowed” exceptions under MARPOL..  I had to look this up just in case I fell under the “exception” clause (sounds fun throwing things off the back of the ship)… sadly I don’t meet any exceptions…   Ironically certain Oil Tankers do… no sure that sounds right or fair.


Speaking of garbage… this place doesn’t allow dogs that poo garbage.    And if that isn’t garbage… I really wonder what that dog ate.


Who doesn’t love sheep with flags…  


and canons that love you?


Finally a sign that makes sure that one doesn’t forget manners when taking selfies.












15 thoughts on “Home at last…(Cruise ends)

  1. 🤡 You may have lost the crown, but you’ve definitely got your mojo back with this one. 🙌 I think I might go back and decorate my vacuum cleaner (and everything else out there) to hone my non-existent house-cleaning abilities.
    Need a holiday to recover from the holiday? Not a chance, welcome to the real world buddy. If you were a German, I’d say schadenfreude.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are very forgiving. Sorry I’m a bit mean with my words sometimes, but I’m genuinely a nice gal I promise!
        Just out of interest, what do you program? Can you make programs that instruct our gadgets to sing a song, or say “thank you, you are wonderful!” or break dance or something?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I am not sure of what I have to forgive you for… other than odd German words… I looked that one up and it led me to a hilarious song… I think you are awesome so you have a free pass (plus you are far enough away that I don’t have to fear physical harm)

          I used to work on police software (most of my career) but 7 years ago I changed to cloud based contact center software… (nothing exciting). If you are wondering what that is… well it makes it possible for companies to call you at all hours of the day and try to sell you things… also it includes the beloved IVR that everyone loves… you know… “Press 1 to hear your account balance” etc…

          I have written several programs for alexa… which does all of the above but only if you talk about me…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Sounds amazing what you do (not that I have a clue at all…), and I see, you are one of those people who programs these amazingly annoying voices that we just love to hate…

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  2. Needing a vacation after your vacation is the sure sign you had a good time:)
    You still have your weird touch. I am totally afraid of a cruise now that I’ve seen the “esophagus”. I wouldn’t know if I was doing something wrong based on that sign.

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  3. You haven’t lost your touch. 🙂

    I find the “Spend it now, you may not last” to be downright horrifying! The level of that movie “They Live” corporate overlord style horrifying. But perhaps I am being too literal. I am definitely showing this post to Mr. Ink, he’ll get a giggle out of the esophageal escape route.

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  4. I have that vacuum cleaner.. Mine’s red not blue but I have one! He’s called Henry. There’s a girl one called Hetty (she’s pink) and there’s other ones that do other stuff, called James, Harry, Charles and George. But Henry was the original and red (the one I have was the original colour) although he now comes in blue (as pictured) and yellow apparently. He’s a great little vacuum cleaner – I’ve had him for years and he’s still going strong.

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  5. I love these photos. I am now off to train my sheep to carry flags and my dogs to make hexagonal poos. Or maybe the sign is telling us that dogs can poo regular cylindrical poos but not hexagonal ones – that makes perfect sense.

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