Labadee Haiti

Here I am in Labadee, Haiti. (Not to be confused with the real Haiti).   This is our first stop and it was amazing.  I am going to share some pictures of this stop but before I do I wanted to share another sunset picture.   This sunset was taken Monday night.

Cruise 45.jpg
I kept waiting for steam to rise up… but it didn’t happen.  You must need to be closer to the equator to see it.


Here is a view of Labadee from my balcony… wow that rhymes.   On a side note…Both Isabelle and I noticed smoke coming up from different areas throughout the day.  You can see some smoke in this picture on the upper right.  She asked me why they were lighting fires and I told her it had to be related to voodoo.  ( I am sorry that I  am being really random with my thoughts and writing)


I said earlier that size doesn’t matter but when you walk next to the ship it is awe inspiring. (still think bigger doesn’t mean better). I wanted to share a picture looking back at the ship as you walked to the island.  I hate to repeat myself but the ship is humongous (I am starting to run out of synonyms for big… ) I was not going to comment on fellow travelers but… hmm… those two dresses looks like they have black light underneath. Isabelle and I left the ship without any planned  excursions.  I told her that I just wanted to spend quality time with her.

Cruise 38.jpg  Well… saying that I just wanted to spend time with Isabelle was a mistake… I should have not said anything until I got there… especially before I saw this zipline. It is called the DRAGON’S BREATH zipline and I could not resist.  You can see the metal stand on the top of the far mountain and I am standing where it ends.   This zipline drops you 500 feet (153 meters) and is 2,600 (793 meters) feet long.  You travel at speeds that can reach as high as 50 miles an hour.   Isabelle didn’t want to go but she got to watch me… which is just as fun.

Cruise 57.jpg

Before you go down the big one you have a small practice run.  I am at this moment getting chewed out since I didn’t do the “ending” position.  (I probably should not have been smiling)   I didn’t realize they were serious when they said I had to do it…especially when they described it as a sumo wrestler with chicken wings.  I was suppose to strike this pose half way down but I didn’t… people were taking pictures.  (plus I was looking at Isabelle and her beauty distracted me… that is at least what I told her…). One last thing…   I had to edit this picture because Isabelle said the harness was showing off my “package” and it was not appropriate for my blog.


Here I am waiting to go down the zipline from the top.   Spectacular view and this time I reminded myself…  chicken winged sumo wrestler at the orange marker. (see it really does sound like a joke they play on the tourists)  I wanted to share a video but with all of the end position pressure I messed up.   I started recording while hooking up… stopped it for the entire decent… than started it back recording when I was at the bottom getting out of the harness.   I have no usable video… darn it.

After the ride down Isabelle and I spent the rest of the day hiking, swimming, and basically beach lounging.   I also took lots of pictures that I would like to share with you… I will leave a caption on some… the others hopefully speak for themselves.  (again the best excuse I could think of for not wanting to write more stuff)

Cruise 55.jpg







OH… in case you are concerned about Isabelle… Here I am spending quality time with her…   and while we kept our feet appropriate…we were in public… mine were still turned in towards her… lucky girl!





I hope you have enjoyed these pictures.  Next post will be pictures from Puerto Rico!…  Before I end I want to add one more picture of Isabelle.  I asked Isabelle to go and pose next to this lion.   After guiding her on exactly how to stand I think she caught on just as I was taking the picture… which kind of ruined it for me… other than I got the picture.   All Isabelle said was “Why are you always acting like a teenage boy”?




19 thoughts on “Labadee Haiti

  1. You had me laughing and gasping (at the incredibly awesome spectacles and views) throughout the entire post….how fantastic!!!! And how wonderful for you and Isabelle…the exception being the zip line….that is the stuff of nightmares given that I can’t stand heights or speed in that context. But, I admire your daring…after all, you are all about adventures and that is one of your most fantastic qualities 🙂 Thanks for sharing…please tell Isabelle that I said hello and that she is very photogenic and lovely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I told myself I refuse to read and refuse to be embroiled in further spouts of jealousy, but, alas, here I am again, subjecting myself to torture before work starts… The waters are unimaginably blue and the zip line is way too cool! I’d try it out for sure! You do seem to be rivalling your kids in the immaturity department though 😂, or maybe just channelling their energies so your Isabelle doesn’t miss them too much (that must be it…self-sacrificing as usual). Hmm, spending quality time with Isabelle, why does it read to me as: spending quality time scouting out wonders to share with my world of virtual “admirers”…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh… Jolene… how could you refuse to read me?… The water was amazing and the zipline was really an incredible experience. I am a “little” immature but like you said it is only to help Isabelle stay young…. I was looking for awesome photos…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup, you take the cake. I thought even your smile was cheeky and immature. Looked like one of your kids, the littlest one perhaps. God, feel sorry for your wife with four kids on her plate.
        Next time if you line up a post about how much your life sucks, then I’ll be sure to be the first to “like” it! 😏

        Liked by 1 person

        1. wow… I wished I could argue away what you have said but unfortunately you are probably correct. That is why I feel so fortunate to have found Isabelle… if she ever leaves me you will have that blog post to like.

          The only defense I can offer is that I can’t help the way I look when I smile.. and that my kids are much cuter!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh trust me, I know all about wives who thought they were marrying a husband but ended up with an extra kid instead (I’m the living example of that, cough cough). We got to have truly “kids-free” days, perhaps I need to tell your wife about the spiritual benefits of solo travelling.

            Liked by 1 person

  3. It looks amazing – except for the zip wire – that would freak me out. I hate heights, even looing at the photo made me feel a bit queasy, but I am glad you liked it. I can’t get over how blue the sea is – round here it is kind of dirty brown – and cold 🙂

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