Inside the Oasis of the Seas

I promised to share with all of you some pictures of the ship I am on.  (Oasis of the Seas).   Before I do I want to clear something up… In the last post I got a sense that some of you are questioning my ability to be romantic.  I will offer irrefutable proof of my romantic prowess… (If Isabelle makes a contrary comment don’t believe her… she is french and they are incredibly hard to please… but you will all see how lucky she really is)


Monday morning at 6:30 am  I left the room to go walk. (I am not a great sleeper and I get very anxious just  sitting around) As tempting as it may have been I did not draw a mustache on my wife in her profound state of sleep but I put a “do not disturb sign” on the door as I left.  I went to the top deck that morning and watch the sunrise…  I took not just one but several pictures of the beautiful site(i.e. feature picture and the one above) … very romantic huh…I ate breakfast before the crowd and then when I returned with Isabelle for her breakfast… hold your breath… I showed her the sun rise pictures.  (This time she didn’t have to read my blog to see them).


If that story was not enough to convince you of my sentimentality…   Look at this one!   I am  sharing a large chair and a view with her… and sorry if this is a bit provocative… look at my foot placement (Of course I left my shoes on because feet can be so gross)

Enough manly bravado… Here are some pictures of the ship!

I think they call this the board walk… it is in the back of the ship on the 6th floor… We were staying on the 14th… but you have to wait a bit to enter your room… this is the first place we visited.
Departure from my balcony.
sorry… for poor picture but this is my balcony taken from inside the room
First sunset from my balcony…   I like the balcony because you can see all your fellow passengers sticking their heads out.   You can also peak around and meet fellow travelers who are rooming next to you…  this is much easier than having to knock on neighbors doors
Cruise 20.jpg
This is my neighbor to the left.   His name is Bill.  He is Scottish and was in the royal navy.  We shared the first sunset together and I asked if I could take a romantic picture of him.  What a sexy and dangerous man.  His sweet wife was on the balcony also but she was less talkative… she must not be as romantic as us!
In last post I shared two pictures of this part of the ship.   You have a large park in the middle with both restaurants and shops (this is Tiffany and they are having a grand opening).  This is on the 8th floor and while walking through I noticed they piped in bird sounds.

I don’t want to bore you with any more “words” so I am just going to finish this with pictures. ( actually… I am getting lazy and don’t feel like writing any more comments)

Cruise 22.jpg








That should offer a good view of the boat… There is more to come.  Today I just got back from Haiti and I will try to post pictures from there tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting my blog!!!   Here is one last picture… This is on floor 4 and I noticed that there was a “subway” theme going on… weird huh…  and then I noticed the alligator coming out of the floor.   Alligators are not what you want to see while on a cruise ship.





12 thoughts on “Inside the Oasis of the Seas

  1. I’m reading these in reverse order (I read the most recent post first)…this one made me laugh even harder….you are very funny and charming 🙂 Your ship mate is definitely your international soul mate! haha What a blessing for you and Isabelle to take a trip together…I’m really happy for you….and the photos are awesome….thanks for sharing 🙂

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