Weekend Red-Eye and Oasis of the Seas

I am off again… and when I say off… I only mean in the “off on another trip” way.  Again I am  being sent by my company but this time it is for “play” and not for work.   My company is sending me on a 7 night (find it funny that they sell by the “night”) Caribbean cruise on the Oasis of the Seas.   Which is the second biggest cruise ship in the world. (I often tell my wife that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better). The largest, Allure of the Seas, is 2 inches longer (5 centimeters). This is somewhat debated because size can change depending upon ambient temperature.  (Another thing I have had to frequently explain to my wife.. like with George Costanza and the Seinfeld “shrinkage” episode)

This is only our second trip without the kids and you can see that within the first hour we are already getting a call from them…

This work sponsored trip is going to be wonderful… not only because I wont be “working” but I am also able to take Isabelle along.   Unfortunately we are not taking the kids…for them that is… not for us.  They are upset of course, especially since I am leaving again and taking mom.   I was able to make it ok with my littlest (Ben) by promising a hat and a t-shirt.  (he is so gullible)  The other two were not so easily appeased but the “spending time” with Grandma (thanks mom) and a promised “overnighter” with their older sister and cousin helped a little.


Isabelle and I left on a red eye (11:55 am) and arrived in Orlando, Florida around 6:00 a.m.  We were put in a bus and drove to an IHOP in Cocoa Beach. (there are about 50 employees with all of their spouses… and some kids… shhhh… good thing my kids find my blog “boring” and dont read it!)   Isabelle and I had already stayed in Cocoa Beach and we had four hours to spare so we skipped the now incredibly crowded IHOP and went directly to the beach. (Isabelle has never eaten at an IHOP – International House of Pancakes… but I told her she was not missing out on anything… plus I think the whole “international” title is a bit deceptive.)

There is something oddly compelling about birds on a beach… or I am just weird.


Heron waiting for some treats… or for the fisherman to turn his head and an opportunity to steal bait

I felt incredibly clever having ditched our work crowd and taken the scenic option… that is until we were caught in a down pour.   I ran to a pier (under the pier) and waited there for Isabelle to catch up.  I told her that I didn’t leave her but went ahead to scout the pier for any danger.  We were drenched and our clothes were on the way to the cruise ship.   We had to air dry and fortunately the sun came out almost as quickly as the storm had started.

Isabelle in the rain and my foot prints leading the way to shelter. As you may have noted,  I think of her before myself
Even from under the pier, the ocean and view are amazing

After the rain ended we noticed that the beach became incredibly crowded.  I thought this to be unusual for a winter day.  Almost everyone was looking north and in my usual way of searching for meaning… I decided that this was a supernatural event.   If you have seen the movie “City of Angels” there is a scene where all of the angels gather on the beach to view the sun rise.  I quickly surmised that I am in the middle of some mystical life changing event… unfortunately this idea didn’t last long since  I couldn’t hear any “celestial music” and well some of the others were not really angelic.  (Of course Isabelle is angelic… and I become angelic just because I am with her)… how disappointing.


I then learned that this was a rocket launch and my disappointment became anticipation again.    I starting thinking how cool it would be to share pictures of a rocket launch on my blog.  (I think I am becoming a bit blog obsessed).   The rocket launched… and well I caught glimpses of it as it passed in the spaces between clouds.  I took picture after picture and now in review I have lots of nice cloud pictures…none of them show the rocket and I didn’t get the sonic boom recorded either. (jesh I am such an amateur)


We soon left and headed towards Port Canaveral and our ship.  I started looking for my type of tourist pictures… and well… it is hard when you are in a bus.  (that is the excuse I am going to use… ) Here is one and it is weird if you haven’t seen  pink elephants with blue glasses before.  I offer an almost sincere apology for those of you who are use to seeing pink elephants and find this picture not weird or uncommon.   (you are also the same people that buy the unlimited drink packages on the cruise)


When we arrived at the ship I realized that I would be travelling in an apartment building.   The ship is huge.   I am going to share a couple of pictures of my favorite part of this ship. In the next post I will share more pictures of the ship.  Monday is a “sea” day.. so we will not be stopping at any ports. There will be lots of time to exploring the ship and work on the blog.   (It is also cool when the occasional co-worker walks by  and sees me on the computer.  I have heard twice…  you are always working… and as far as they know I am.)

My favorite part of this ship is the garden area in the middle.  It is nice to have a place where you can pretend you are not in the middle of the ocean and about to hopelessly drown.
Picture mid point of the garden.   I love the park like feel.


Looking down from the top deck of the ship.

Thanks you for taking the time to read this.  As mentioned earlier in the next post I will share our departure along with pictures of the ship.  I am also desperately searching weird pictures… more precisely weird pictures that are not of people. (lots of weird people here… just don’t want to hurt any feelings)





19 thoughts on “Weekend Red-Eye and Oasis of the Seas

  1. The ship looks amazing. I’m interested to hear what you think of the cruise. I’ve never been on one and my husband wants to try one. The PR on the news (boat loads of folks with Noro Virus) do nothing to sell me on one.
    The few hours we spent in Cocoa Beach a couple of years ago also involved rain. It must rain a lot there:)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Who do you work for???? I need a job there! Have a great time. Your post was once again filled with the humor that keeps your readers coming back for more! And I must say…it’s one thing to run ahead of your wife to check for “safety,” but then you actually took a picture of her in the rain!?!!? Oh my. She might replace your sunscreen with baby oil. 🙂


    1. You are correct I work for a great company!!!… and I am a bit worried with your last sentence… We are about to go into Haiti and my wife asked “can I put some sunscreen on your face?”… hmm She doesn’t know I am wise to her!!! I said “no way”…. cherie…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You must be a CEO in hiding, or secretly working for a travel company. Seriously, I follow some hardcore travel bloggers and the frequency of your travels baffles me.
    I do like the ship – massive eh? Does your wife get seasick on one of those? (I’m easily seasick too and therefore never had the guts to try one of those…) You are one considerate and romantic gentleman through and through, creating guiding footprints in the sand and “working” on your computer. Couldn’t ask for a better husband or employee…
    PS I’m flying off too now, but only flying off in jealous rage to complain about my lack of corporate perks! And in the age of emojis, this one sums up my mood quite nicely: 😒. Enough said.


    1. I am also a bit baffled… but I think things will slow down in March. You are also very.. correct…. My wife is a lucky woman to have me. The ship IS MASSIVE!!! and last of all my wife has a prescription patch so she wont get sea sick. (at least we hope)

      emoji time 😁 (not because you are sad or are in a jealous rage… but because so far it has been a blast)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Have a great time – that ship is totally massive, like the size of a small town – it is certainly bigger than the village I live in. I can totally see that you are always thinking of the welfare of Isabelle – only a true gentleman would run on ahead to the pier to check it was safe and then patiently wait for his beloved to catch up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Just delightful….I knew you were funny, but this series of posts is especially funny….maybe because you are on vacation and intoxicated by the leisure of it all….I’ve wanted to go on a cruise for ages….I never have, but this will hold me over 🙂 Such awesome posts….such a fantastic blog with such a variety of entertainment…hey, your blog offers as many opportunities as a cruise ship…I should start addressing you as Captain 🙂 Thanks for sharing…I salute you 🙂

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