Visiting Jerusalem (part 2)

I would like to add more pictures to my previous post of pictures from Jerusalem.  I would like to in part 2 continue the idea of letting the pictures speak for themselves… These will be more of the typical “tourist” pictures… but I promise next post I will show my kind of pictures and maybe even a video.  (Next post will be the conclusion of my trip to Israel)

Jerusalem 23.jpg

Looking back at the next series of pictures… I noted that my market pictures are mainly food.  There is much more than food in these street markets… I was just hungry.  (I had not eaten since early that morning at 6:30 am)








I do have some non-food market pictures… but not many… most of the small markets sell non-food items… so don’t let my hungry stomach obsession warp your idea of the shops you will see in Jerusalem.





It quickly became night (too quickly for me… since I was just getting started and wanted to see so much more)







I did finally get something to eat around 9:00 pm.   The picture above is taken from the restaurant I ate at (Cafe Rimon – Mamilla mall).   Fantastic food one of the items we ordered was “Mexican nachos”…   close… except they used pitta chips instead of tortilla chips.




15 thoughts on “Visiting Jerusalem (part 2)

  1. Beautiful. The food looks like art- the colors and textures. It’s making me hungry:)
    I have so many questions but I’ll start with one. Were you in awe of the history all around you? Jerusalem is on my travel bucket list for sure:)

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    1. I was in complete awe… and wished I had studied more about the history of Jerusalem before I visited the city. Israel was not a must see on my “travel bucket” list… but it should have been. What an amazing place…and I am definitely going to return with my wife and a better “read” understanding of the history of this place. I had two wonderful Jewish co-workers that walked me through the city and explained what I was seeing by giving me historical context. I also had an incredible guide at the tomb garden who not only shared history but his beliefs with respect to Jesus and his life….

      Beyond just history…I think if you are Jewish, Muslim, or Christian… this is a must visit. I think if you are in tune with your feelings/spirituality as you walk through this holy place you will be uplifted and your faith will be reaffirmed… I don’t know if you can say that about many places in the world…. when describing how Jerusalem makes me feel…I should have probably used the word “inspired” or “uplifted” instead of “in awe”.

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  2. I absolutely loved Jerusalem. Just walking through the ancient streets is inspiring. That restaurant by the way was quickly my favorite in the city. Amazed you found it actually. it isn’t on any of the guides itinerary but locals know about it. I have been loving the shared pictures as i recognise almost every place and it brings back so many lovely memories!

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    1. You are so “right” about that restaurant… it was one of my favorite places to eat… incredible food. My actual favorite dish was not the nachos but the beet gnocchi with a pistachio sauce… fantastic place.


  3. Great images to share! I especially liked the ones from the market because I am very found of visiting markets when I travel around the US. Friends of mine have shared their experiences of visiting markets in other countries and it makes me long for that opportunity. Thank you for giving me a piece of it through your pictures. Question, did you buy anything during your trip yet?

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    1. Thanks… There were two things that were hot pink… one was Cauliflower and I am not sure what the other thing was. I did not buy it… but I should have since it is so unusually bright… and I could have told you what it tasted like.

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  4. When I was in high school we had a foreign exchange student from Turkey. I remember him laughing at our concept of “old” buildings. And he explained…”Here your oldest buildings are a couple hundred years old maybe. Back home, old buildings are a thousand years old.” To me, this was such a fascinating idea. It looks like you are seeing that beautiful concept on your trip.

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  5. The day-glo pink pickles are unreal – all natural and totally safe to eat! I love markets too – I love the way vegetables are arranged in markets in the east Mediterranean world – lots of pride in showing them off to their best advantage 🙂

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