Trip to Israel (part 2)

I want to share some of the few pictures I have taken here in Israel.  I have been busy so this group of pictures will be from my morning walks and breakfast at the hotel…   (This is my excuse for those that are thinking… wow what lame pictures)


This is a mall next to my hotel…   There is a Gap… and a “Meat and Eat”…  (neither one is that interesting… but some of the only names I could read)


I love a “good” sign.  I think this one transcends all language and cultural barriers.  I think I might make a print of this for my desk at work.


Here is an interesting sign… This one was found on those automatic gates that usually close of parking lots.   I guess they have a problem here with people getting there heads hit by them?


Israel has a gang problem… wild cat gangs….  I have never see so many stray cats in my life.   This gang were eyeing me and I began to feel uncomfortable.   I just minded my own business and kept walking…   did want to start any problems.

The rest of the photos will be my breakfast at the hotel. You will not believe how much food is available…  I have not eaten this well in a long time.  I hope from the pictures you will see how amazing the breakfast buffet is…   incredible.













Next post I hope to show more of the traditional Israel “tourist” pictures.  I am hoping to drive into Jerusalem today and will share those pictures with you in the next post.




12 thoughts on “Trip to Israel (part 2)

  1. How does one even figure out what to choose! An amazing spread of food. Looks like some labneh and pita in one of those photos perhaps? Now I am hungry! I bet the tea is amazing as well.

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  2. I’m guessing you didn’t miss bacon all that much, with this abundant buffet! 🙂

    As for the stray cats, the weather makes it easier for them and most are well taken care of – both by individuals who feed them, and by the municipalities that provide for TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return).

    Hope you’ll enjoy your visit to Jerusalem. A fascinating city. 🙂

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  3. You weren’t kidding…or exaggerating… soooooo much food….I’d eat breakfast and have to go back to bed…also, how amazing that you get to travel so much, and to such exotic locations!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you…thanks for spreading the joy 🙂

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