Trip to Israel

This weekend I am off (again) on a work trip.  I think my work wants me in a constant state of jet lag.    This time I am visiting Israel.  I am very excited to be here… even though  I will definitely miss bacon (and my family… got to say that or I will be in trouble).  I will try to share in my own way pictures of this trip… which means I will probably not be posting “normal” tourist pictures.


Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)…  another beautiful airport

I arrived Sunday morning around 1:00 am after a horrible flight.   We had a surprise layover in Detroit…  One of those layovers where you have to sit in the plane for several hours waiting for a passenger to be taken off by paramedics.   I found out from the “plane gossip” that the passenger had a heart attack… how inconsiderate…  I have places to be. (Actually I hope he/she is ok)


Here is a travel tip for anyone flying to Israel through this airport… if you want to ride the escalators instead of climbing the stairs you need to wear shoes but make sure those shoes are not “Crocs”…  each escalator had a sign that states “it is forbidden to ride on escalator with Crocs shoes”.  (Don’t worry about meI have never worn these shoes… they kind of remind me of the 80s Jelly shoes)

I was treated very well at the airport with polite professionalism.  I feel strange writing that but for some odd reason I thought they would be very rude and mean…  It must be because of all the stories I have heard describing how serious they take security.  I did see one sign that seemed to reinforce my stereotype.  You can see a picture of that sign below. “Buy & Bye”…  I think that is a bit rude… and it could make one feel a bit used or at minimum it could make one feel unappreciated.  GESH… just make the purchase and go away…   (reminds me of my dating life in college)


We arrived at the hotel about an hour after passing through the airport… most of that time was at the car rental… someone had  removed/deleted our reservation.  I was too tired to really care… just wanted to sleep plus it was very dark outside so I wasn’t really able to see much on the drive nor was I  able to see very much around the hotel.  I am always very concerned about my hotel location since I love early morning walks.  I woke up an hour before we were suppose to meet and I was thrilled with what I saw…. The hotel I am staying on is right on the beach and is very beautiful


Breakfast was incredible at the hotel… I will take more pictures but I have never been served honey like this before (I imagine right out of the hive… unfortunately almost all of the honey comb was gone…)



Here is a picture of the hotel I am staying at… (there are multiple buildings and this is the space between)
This is what I found  behind my hotel.


This is to the right of my hotel… I love the ocean… or should I say sea?

It was very difficult going into work… what a beautiful day.  It was depressing to leave such an awesome place to go and sit in an office conference room for 9 hours.   I did notice something a bit weird on the way in and am going to finish this blog with that…

Here is my Weird Picture of the Day (Israel)


Here is a stop sign in Israel….   how strange…  The teenage boy in me wanted to modify the sign with a little bit of red paint…

Please come back…  I believe that I actually will have time to take half a day off to visit some historic places and I will try to share pictures of those places with you in the posts that follow.








15 thoughts on “Trip to Israel

  1. How strange, I, too had a very different preconception of Israel. But this is really no different to any modern metropolis… The airport seems state of the art, the buildings neat and contemporary, and there’s even a beach! I’ll be keeping my eyes out for any sign of weirdness… 😊

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  2. I’m originally from Israel, so it’s always interesting for me to see how it looks from a tourist’ point of view.
    From the photos I’m guessing you’re staying in Tel Aviv around the old port. Beautiful area.
    If you miss bacon, there are plenty of places in Tel Aviv that serve non-kosher foods. Very easy to find.
    Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your trip. 🙂

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