Hanuman in my man cave.


In the post India 2017 (final post), I mentioned that I wanted to get a Hanuman idol to put in my office and post a sign “no women allowed”.  (This is what I saw at one temple…. Sorry Isabelle, Hanna, and Gwen it is not my fault… you have to respect Hanuman’s wishes)

I also mentioned that everyone I met in India shared a “common thread of kindness and love”.   I found this to be true even for co-workers  in my home office who come from India.   I arrived in the office and Harish (team-mate) asked me if I found my Hanuman idol.  I said no and he said I bought one for you and gave me the idol you see in the picture above.  I hope this doesn’t sound disrespectful… but Monkeys are awesome!


Does this sign say “no women allowed”…  let me know in the comments if you can read this.




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