Mother and Daughter Pune, India


I can not stop thinking about this mother and daughter and wondering how they are doing.  I decided to try a quick  sketch  of them. (I am saying quick to make excuses for my lack of ability). You can see the actual picture in this post: Weekend in India (End of Trip).  I choose to do the sketch using water color and  I don’t paint with water colors.  This is my first attempt.  (another excuse… boy I must be really insecure)

I have two reasons for posting this picture.  The first is motivated by viewing and enjoying so many others who have posted their art.   I admire the “openness” and bravery of those who are beginning as well as the talent from those who have perfected their craft.  I want to be like those people (yes I am a wannabe)

The second motivation is more selfish… I don’t need or really want compliments… what I am hoping for is to receive advice and criticism. The best way to improve and better ones craft is through critique… (don’t be nice... actually be nice to me… just not to my sketch)


16 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter Pune, India

  1. Oh, my Lord!!!!! You really are too much…I had no idea that you are an artist (I can tell that this comes as a surprise to you as well–given your post). This is absolutely wonderful!!!!! Thanks for sharing…keep going….you have a gift for painting!!!! 🙂

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  2. I like the painting. If I were to give a piece of advice, I guess it would be to maybe add a few more detailed lines. I like the blurred lines, but sometimes it is getting in the way of me “seeing” the whole picture.

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    1. thank you Claire… *I was trying to reply to your comment on the carded alpaca wool… but it disappeared… So I will do it here… The alpaca fibers are incredible soft…. I hope I can keep the softness when I spin it.

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